Federal Register Notices

Last Modified: 09/19/2013
Date Title File
05/04/2010 Comment Request—SNAP State Agency Options (50.16 KB)
05/04/2010 FSP: Eligibility and Certification Provisions of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002; Approval of Information Collection Request (42.14 KB)
04/27/2010 FDPIR: Amendments Related to the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (62.21 KB)
04/22/2010 Comment Request—Evaluation of Reaching the Underserved Elderly and Working Poor in SNAP (53.58 KB)
04/20/2010 Announcement of the Sixth and Final Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Meeting and Solicitation of Written Comments (59.63 KB)
04/19/2010 Geographic Preference Option for the Procurement of Unprocessed Agricultural Products in Child Nutrition Programs (59.69 KB)
04/12/2010 SNAP: Regulation Restructuring: Issuance Regulation Update and Reorganization To Reflect the End of Coupon Issuance Systems (108.64 KB)
04/01/2010 CACFP: At-Risk Afterschool Meals in Eligible States (54.47 KB)
03/30/2010 WIC: Vendor Cost Containment (42.29 KB)
02/23/2010 Comment Request—SNAP Federal Collection of State Plan of Operations, Operating Guidelines and Forms (48.12 KB)