Federal Register Notices

Last Modified: 09/19/2013
Date Title File
12/15/2010 SNAP: Clarifications and Corrections to Recipient Claim Establishment and Collection Standards (58.09 KB)
11/05/2010 Comment Request—Special Nutrition Program Operations Study (SNPOS) (51.9 KB)
11/05/2010 Comment Request—Evaluation of the Summer Electronic Benefits for Children Household-Based Demonstrations on Food Insecurity (54.33 KB)
10/26/2010 Comment Request—Information Collection for Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced Price Meals (50.87 KB)
10/25/2010 Comment Request—Form FNS–648, WIC Local Agency Directory Report (43.44 KB)
10/08/2010 Comment Request—SNAP Form FNS–46, Issuance Reconciliation (45.83 KB)
09/08/2010 Comment Request—Annual Report of State Revenue Matching (51.58 KB)
09/07/2010 Comment Request—Evaluation of SNAP Nutrition Education Practices Study (48.47 KB)
08/04/2010 Comment Request—In-Depth Case Studies of Advanced Modernization Initiatives (60.32 KB)
07/19/2010 Child and Adult Care Food Program: National Average Payment Rates, Day Care Home Food Service Payment Rates, and Administrative Reimbursement Rates for Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care Homes for the Period July 1, 2010 Through June 30, 2011 (60.03 KB)