Federal Register Notices

Last Modified: 09/19/2013
Date Title File
10/29/2013 Request for Information: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Enhancing Retail Food Store Eligibility; Extension of Comment Period FR_2013-25451 (201.89 KB)
10/28/2013 Direct Certification and Certification of Homeless, Migrant and Runaway Children for Free School Meals; Approval of Information Collection Request FR_2013-25217 (174.06 KB)
10/03/2013 Comment Request - School Nutrition and Meal Cost Study FR_2013-24142 (190.33 KB)
10/03/2013 Comment Request - Special Nutrition Program Operations Study (SNPOS) FR_2013-24143 (184.71 KB)
09/17/2013 Comment Request - SNAP Form FNS-46, Issuance Reconciliation FR_2013-22572 (182.24 KB)
09/13/2013 Comment Request - SNAP State Issuance and Participation Estimates-Forms FNS-388 and FNS-388A FR_2013-22253 (204.67 KB)
09/09/2013 Comment Request - Form FNS-13, Annual Report of State Revenue Matching (National School Lunch Program) FR_2013-21764 (336.81 KB)
08/27/2013 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Enhancing Retail Food Store Eligibility-Listening Sessions FR_2013-20907 (200.35 KB)
08/27/2013 Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations: Income Deductions and Resource Eligibility FR_2013-20844 (237.96 KB)
08/21/2013 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations FR_2013-20245 (266.45 KB)