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Last Modified: 06/11/2014
Date Title File
09/17/2013 Comment Request - SNAP Form FNS-46, Issuance Reconciliation FR_2013-22572 (182.24 KB)
09/13/2013 Comment Request - SNAP State Issuance and Participation Estimates-Forms FNS-388 and FNS-388A FR_2013-22253 (204.67 KB)
09/09/2013 Comment Request - Form FNS-13, Annual Report of State Revenue Matching (National School Lunch Program) FR_2013-21764 (336.81 KB)
08/27/2013 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Enhancing Retail Food Store Eligibility-Listening Sessions FR_2013-20907 (200.35 KB)
08/21/2013 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations FR_2013-20245 (266.45 KB)
06/28/2013 Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in School as Required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 FR_2013-15249 (710.72 KB)
06/14/2013 Child Nutrition Programs—Income Eligibility Guidelines (186.54 KB)
06/13/2013 NSLP: Direct Certification Continuous Improvement Plans Required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (285.11 KB)
06/06/2013 Child and Adult Care Food Program: National Average Payment Rates, Day Care Home Food Service Payment Rates, and Administrative Reimbursement Rates for Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care Homes for the Period July 1, 2007–June 30, 2008 (124.96 KB)
03/29/2013 Child Nutrition Programs; Income Eligibility Guidelines (295.88 KB)