Federal Register Documents

Last Modified: 06/11/2014
Date Title File
03/21/2008 TEFAP: Availability of Commodities for Fiscal Year 2008 (52.06 KB)
03/17/2008 WIC: Revisions in the WIC Food Packages; Delay of Implementation Date (40.57 KB)
03/03/2008 WIC: Implementation of Nondiscretionary WIC Certification and General Administrative Provisions (87.49 KB)
02/28/2008 Comment Request—Food Stamp Program Repayment Demand and Program Disqualification (50.15 KB)
02/22/2008 Comment Request—WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Financial Report (Form FNS–683); WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Recipient Report (Form FNS–203); and WIC Farmers’ Market Nut (195.95 KB)
02/05/2008 WIC: Revisions in the WIC Food Packages; Approval of Information Collection Request (42.79 KB)
01/30/2008 SFSP: Program Reimbursement for 2008 (51.25 KB)
01/02/2008 Comment Request—Food Stamp Application, Form FNS–252 and a New On-Line Application for Stores, Form FNS–252–E (774 KB)
01/02/2008 Comment Request—Report of Disaster Food Stamp Program Benefit Issuance and Report of Commodity Distribution for Disaster Relief (44.34 KB)