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Federal Register Documents

Last Modified: 06/11/2014
Date Title File
01/20/2011 Comment Request—Form FNS–798 and FNS–798A, WIC Financial Management and Participation Report With Addendum (54.9 KB)
01/19/2011 Comment Request—Food Programs Reporting System (43.71 KB)
01/07/2011 Comment Request—Evaluation of the Impact of the Summer Food Service Programs Enhancement Demonstrations on Food Insecurity (47.09 KB)
12/29/2010 SNAP: Regulation Restructuring: Issuance Regulation Update and Reorganization To Reflect the End of Coupon Issuance Systems (46.74 KB)
12/23/2010 Comment Request—SNAP Store Applications, Forms FNS–252, 252–E, 252–R, 252–2, and 252–C (53.36 KB)
12/16/2010 Comment Request—Study To Assess the Effect of SNAP Participation on Food Security in the Post-American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Environment (47.48 KB)
12/15/2010 SNAP: Clarifications and Corrections to Recipient Claim Establishment and Collection Standards (58.09 KB)
11/05/2010 Comment Request—Special Nutrition Program Operations Study (SNPOS) (51.9 KB)
11/05/2010 Comment Request—Evaluation of the Summer Electronic Benefits for Children Household-Based Demonstrations on Food Insecurity (54.33 KB)
10/26/2010 Comment Request—Information Collection for Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced Price Meals (50.87 KB)