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Food Distribution

Processing Policies

Last Published: 11/14/2013

FNS issues policy memoranda to provide guidance on implementing Food Distribution Programs including the Processing Program which includes the State Processing Program and National Processing Agreement (NPA) Program. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please e-mail

Policy #




FD-130 Processing Substitution of USDA Beef and Pork 05/15/13
FD-127 Processing Approval of End Products and Monitoring of End Product Sales 11/07/12
FD-122 Processing Substitution of Donated Foods in Advance of Purchase and Negative Inventories 05/30/12
FD-119 NSLP, Processing Soliciting Bids from Commercial Distributors for End Products 02/13/12
FD-108 Processing

Waiver of Requirements for State Distributing Agency Submission of Information from Monthly Performance Reports

FD-103 Processing

Waiver of Requirement to Submit Copies of Refund Requests and Payments with State Monthly Performance Reports

FD-102 Processing

Waiver and Replacement of Current Regulatory Thresholds for Independent CPA Audits of Multi-State Processors

FD-098 CSFP, FDPIR, TEFAP, NSLP, CACF, SFSP, NSIP, Processing, Charitable Institutions, SCs

FY 2010 Appropriations for Human Pandemic Emergencies

FD-085 Processing   NonFat Dry Milk Processing 03/27/09
FD-066 CSFP, FDPIR, TEFAP NSLP, CACFP, SFSP NSIP, Processing, Charitable Institutions, SCs Continuation of USDA Food Assistance During a Human Pandemic (revised) 08/31/09
FD-064 Revised Processing Management of Donated Food Inventories at Processors 03/20/12
FD-062 Revised CSFP, FDPIR, TEFAP NSLP, CACFP, SFSP NSIP, Processing, Charitable Institutions, SCs Electronic Receipting for USDA Direct and Multi-Food Shipments 04/25/11
FD-061 Revised Processing Inbound Cheese to Further Processors 10/17/11
FD-054 Processing Monthly Performance Reporting Correction 03/28/06
FD-049 Revised Processing Substitution and Valuation of USDA Cheese 11/20/12
 FD-048  Processing State Participation Agreement Period of Agreement 11/04/05
 FD-040  Processing Commodity Inventory Reductions at Further Processors 01/12/05
 FD-039  Processing Bonding in NPA (formerly NMPA)  12/23/04


 Processing Elimination of Pricing Information on End Product Data Schedules and Summary of End Product Data Schedules 11/09/04
FD-030 Cancelled Processing National Approval of End Product Data Schedule Cancelled 10/15/04 (issued) 04/27/07(canceled)
FD-025  Processing Fee-For-Service Billing Methods Through a  Distributor


FD-019 Cancelled Processing Non-Fat Dry Milk in Shelf Products Cancelled 05/14/03


 Processing Labeling Processed End Products



 Processing Establishing Processor Inventory Weight for random Weight Commodities


FD-007 Revised  Processing Sales of End Products through Commercial Distributors Indirect Discount and Net Off Invoice


 FD-005  Processing Procedures for Reimbursing Offshore Transportation Costs of Processed Foods


 FD-004  Processing Procedures for Accounting for Rework