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Last Published: 12/14/2013
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11/29/2016 FD-037 Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance Audit Requirements
11/28/2016 D-141 Questions and Answers Related to the 7 CFR Part 16: Equal Opportunity for Religious Organizations Final Rule
11/28/2016 FD-142 Further Clarification on the Prohibition Against Explicitly Religious Activities As Part of TEFAP and CSFP Activities
11/10/2016 FD-140 Signature Block Removal from Summary End Product Data Schedules
10/26/2016 FD-017 Meals Provided to Volunteers
09/22/2016 FD-139 Clarification on Inventory Protection Requirements
09/19/2016 FNS Instruction 835-1 Rev 2 Authorized Supplemental Foods and Distribution Rates of Foods for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)
08/22/2016 FD-137 Alternative Value Pass-Through System Pilot Project under the Department of Defense Fresh (DoD Fresh) Program
06/10/2016 FD-138 Written Notice and Referral Requirements for Beneficiaries Receiving TEFAP and CSFP Benefits from Religious Organizations
05/05/2016 FD-099 Questions and Answers about Waiting Lists and Caseload Management (Revised)
05/04/2016 FD-079 Retroactive Food Package Distributions (Revised)
08/26/2015 FD-046 FDPIR - Student Financial Assistance (Revised)
06/02/2015 FNS Instruction 709-5 Revision 2
12/30/2014 FD-136 Cancellation of Policy Memorandum FD-085, Nonfat Dry Milk Processing
09/22/2014 SP66-2014 Information and Guidance on the Domestic Beef Market
05/13/2014 FD-135 Revised Policy on Certification Periods for Zero Income Households
03/21/2014 FD-134 Minimum Inventory Protection Requirements for Processors Participating in the National Processing Program
03/06/2014 FD-133 School Food Authorities (SFAs) Purchasing Produce from U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Vendors using Section 4 and 11 or Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) Funds
02/20/2014 FD-132 Questions and Answers Related to the FDPIR: Income Deductions and Resource Eligibility Final Rule
09/04/2013 FD-062 Electronic Receipting for USDA Direct and Multi-Food Shipments - Revised
08/30/2013 FD-131 Questions and Answers Regarding the Use of State Administrative Expense (SAE) Funds and SAE Reallocation Funds in the Food Distribution Program for Child Nutrition Programs (Food Distribution Program)
07/24/2013 FD-129 USDA Foods Bone-in-Chicken Products
05/15/2013 FD-130 Substitution of USDA Beef and Pork
02/27/2013 FD-128 Determining Inventory Levels of USDA Foods for Use in TEFAP and Inventory Reporting Requirements
11/20/2012 FD-049 Substitution and Valuation of USDA Cheese
11/07/2012 FD-127 Approval of End Products and Monitoring of End Product Sales
10/11/2012 FD-126 Review of Administrative Ftmds Provided to Eligible Recipient
10/11/2012 FD-125 Offering School Food Authorities the Required Value and Variety of USDA Foods, and Efficient and Cost-Effective Distribution
07/24/2012 FD-123 Maintenance of Lists of Eligible Recipient Agencies (ERA) Participating in TEFAP
05/30/2012 FD-122 Substitution of Donated Foods in Advance of Purchase and Negative Inventories
04/16/2012 FD-124 Determining Local Agency Reviews
03/30/2012 FD-121 Donated Foods Possibly Containing Lean Finely Textured (LFT) Beef
03/20/2012 FD-064 Management of Donated Food Inventories at Processors
03/08/2012 FD-120 Criteria for Determining Household Income Eligibility for TEFAP Foods Intended for Home Consumption
02/13/2012 FD-119 Soliciting Bids from Commercial Distributors for End Products
12/30/2011 FD-007 Sales of End Products through Commercial Distributors Indirect Discount and Net Off Invoice
10/17/2011 FD-061 Inbound Cheese to Further Processors (Revised)
10/13/2011 FD-118 Automatic Revocation of Tax-Exempt Status
07/12/2011 FD-117 Replacement of USDA Foods Destroyed Due to a Household Misfortune
05/12/2011 FD-116 Claims Resolution Act of 2010 - Payments Received via the Cobell Settlement
05/09/2011 FD-115 Provisions of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
05/06/2011 FD-114 Cancellation of Policy Memorandum FD-042, Pay Received by Military Personnel as a Result of Deployment to a Combat Zone
01/25/2011 FD-113 Civil Rights Training Requirements for Volunteers
01/25/2011 FD-080 Guidance in Crediting for, and Use of Donated Foods in Contracts with Food Service Management Companies
01/25/2011 FD-110 Clarification in Crediting for, and Use of, Donated Foods in Contracts with Food Service Management Companies-First and Final Contract Years
01/04/2011 FD-112 Cancellation of Policy Memorandum FD-082, Responsibilities for Claims for Food Losses
10/27/2010 FD-111 Cancellation of Policy Memorandum FD-022, Adjusted Guide Rates for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
10/05/2010 FD-109 Consolidation of Reporting Requirements and Replacement of Donated Foods in Disasters, Emergencies, and Situations of Distress
07/27/2010 FD-108 Waiver of Requirements for State Distributing Agency Submission of Information from Monthly Performance Reports
06/09/2010 FD-107 Storage and Inventory Management of USDA Donated Foods
05/11/2010 FD-106 Tracking and Notification Requirements for TEFAP Foods for Audit Purposes
04/13/2010 FD-105 Setting Aside the Commodity Acceptibility Reporting Requirement (FD-105)
02/18/2010 FD-104 Value of USDA Donated Foods for Audits
02/04/2010 FD-103 Waiver of Requirement to Submit Copies of Refund Requests and Payments with State Monthly Performance Reports
02/04/2010 FD-102 Waiver and Replacement of Current Regulatory Thresholds for Independent CPA Audits of Multi-State Processors
01/27/2010 FD-101 Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund Payments
01/07/2010 FD-100 Cancellation of Policy Memoranda FD-011, Caseload Assignment and Utilization, and FD-044, Use of Proxies in Certification, Recertification, and Distribution of Food Packages
12/14/2009 FD-067 School Food Authorities Acting as a Collective Unit in the Control and Use of Donated Foods (Revised)
10/21/2009 FD-097 Allowability of Participant Payments and Contributions for Foods Donated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and/or Non-USDA Sources
10/05/2009 FD-096 Simultaneous Participation in CSFP and other Nutrition Assistance Programs administered by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)
09/15/2009 FD-095 Use of TEFAP Administrative Funds for Expenses Associated with Foods Secured From Other Sources
08/31/2009 FD-066 Continuation of the Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Assistance During a Human Pandemic (Revised)
08/06/2009 FD-094 Cancellation of Policy Memoranda FD-063, Household Eligibility Determinations for Disaster or Emergency Evacuees Residing with a Host Family, and FD-072, FDPIR Households Displaced During a Disaster
08/06/2009 FD-093 Questions and Answers about Disaster Policies and Procedures
07/14/2009 FD-090 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Increases to Unemployment Compensation Payments
06/29/2009 FD-091 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Cash Payment Pilot Projects (SNAP Pilot Projects) and Work Supplementation or Support Programs (SNAP Work Programs) Benefits
06/29/2009 FD-092 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Cash Payment Pilot Projects (SNAP Pilot Projects) and Work Supplementation or Support Programs (SNAP Work Programs) Benefits
05/21/2009 FD-089 Clarification of State Agency Review Requirements for Donated, Foods in the National School Lunch Program and Other Child Nutrition Programs
04/21/2009 FD-088 Reimbursement of Intra-State Transportation Costs During Disasters
04/07/2009 FD-087 Economic Recovery Payments to Recipients of Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Railroad Retirement Benefits, and Veterans Disability Compensation or Pension Benefits
04/06/2009 FD-086 Economic Recovery Payments to Recipients of Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Railroad Retirement Benefits, and Veteran's Disability Compensation or Pension Benefits
02/04/2009 FD-084 Cancellation of Policy Memorandum FD-060, Use of Donated Foods in the National School Lunch Program and Other Child Nutrition Programs
12/11/2008 FD-083 Infant Formula - "Use-By" Date
11/24/2008 FD-081 Distribution of Donated Foods to Service Institutions Participating in the Summer Food Service Program
08/21/2008 FD-078 FDPIR Rounding Procedures
08/01/2008 FD-077 Cancellation of Policy Memoranda FD-021, FDPIR Match Requirement, and FD-068, Indirect Cost Rates in the FDPIR Budget Process
05/20/2008 FD-032 Maximum Monthly Distribution Rates for Powdered Infant Formula
05/19/2008 FD-076 Categorical Eligibility
04/09/2008 FD-075 Income Exclusion for Payments under Public Law 101-426, Radiation Exposure Compensation Act
03/31/2008 FD-074 Rebates from the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
03/31/2008 FD-073 Rebates from the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
01/16/2008 FD-071 Setting Aside the Commodity Acceptability Reporting Requirement
12/19/2007 FD-070 Implementation of Modifications to the TEFAP Allocation Formula
11/27/2007 FD-069 Eligibility of Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs) to participate in TEFAP
04/30/2007 FD-065 Nutrition Services Incentive Program (NSIP - Program Operations in Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 and Subsequent Years
06/21/2006 FD-059 Eligibility of Private Adult Correctional Institutions to Receive and Use Donated Foods
06/15/2006 FD-058 Annual Physical Inventory-Reconciliation of Book Inventory to Physical Inventory
04/21/2006 FD-056 Physical Inventory – Required Frequency
04/21/2006 FD-057 Fiscal Year 2007 Operations
03/29/2006 FD-055 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Premium
03/28/2006 FD-054 Monthly Performance Report Correction
03/24/2006 FD-053 Setting Aside the Commodity Acceptability Reporting Requirement
01/27/2006 FD-052 Annual Physical Inventory - Reconciliation and Offsetting
01/05/2006 FD-051 National Flood Insurance Program Payments
11/15/2005 FD-050 Cancellation of Policy Memorandum FD-024, Household Overissuance
11/04/2005 FD-048 State Participation Agreement Period of Agreement
05/26/2005 FD-047 Fiscal Year 2006 Operations
02/23/2005 FD-045 Direct Certification and Direct Verification for National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs
02/23/2005 FD-043 Distinction between Reservations and Land Held in Trust
02/10/2005 FD-041 Distribution of TEFAP Commodities to Children
01/12/2005 FD-040 Commodity Inventory Reduction at Further Processors
12/23/2004 FD-039 Bonding in National Master Processing Agreements
11/01/2004 FD-038 Elimination of Pricing on End Product Data Schedules and Summary End Product Data Schedule
10/15/2004 FD-030 National Approval of End Product Data Schedules
08/31/2004 FD-036 TEFAP - Local-Level Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements
08/31/2004 FD-034 FDPIR – Eligibility of Native Hawaiians
08/31/2004 FD-033 FDPIR – Changes in Household Composition Resulting from Deployment of Reservists
08/31/2004 FD-035 FDPIR - Flexible Benefit Packages - Cafeteria Plans
07/15/2004 FD-031 Treatment of Income Intended for Foster Care
06/29/2004 FD-028 Medicare Prescription Drug Card
06/29/2004 FD-029 Medicare Prescription Drug Card
06/29/2004 FD-027 Medicare Prescription Drug Card
03/30/2004 FD-026 Fiscal Year 2005 Operations
03/29/2004 FD-025 Fee-For-Service Billing Methods Through a Distributor
02/25/2004 FD-023 Accounting for Donated Foods in Cost-Reimbursable Contracts Between School Food Authorities and Food Service Management Companies
08/05/2003 FD-006 Fiscal Year 2004 Operations
05/23/2003 FD-020 Single Inventory and Related Commodity Issues—Clarification of Regulatory Changes and Other Guidance
03/31/2003 FD-012 Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance
03/31/2003 FD-010 Counting the Pregnant Woman Embryo or Fetus in Utero as a Household Member
03/31/2003 FD-018 Use of TEFAP Commodities for Demonstrations
03/31/2003 FD-015 Eligibility of Youth Shelters for TEFAP Commodities
03/31/2003 FD-016 In-Kind Contributions
03/31/2003 FD-013 Home Delivery of Commodities
03/31/2003 FD-014 Eligibility of Persons with Disabilities, Elderly, and Public Assistance Recipients
03/24/2003 FD-009 Labeling Processed End Products
03/24/2003 FD-008 Establishing Processor Inventory Weight for Random Weight Commodities
02/05/2003 FD-002 Determining School and Child Care Commodity Entitlements
02/05/2003 FD-004 Procedures for Accounting for Rework
02/05/2003 FD-005 Procedures for Reimbursing Offshore Transportation Costs of Processed Foods
04/20/2000 Issues Related to Feeding Infants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)