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Food Distribution


Last Published: 12/30/2015

This page provides non-fillable PDF versions of Food and Nutrition forms used in the administration of the Food Distribution Programs.

Form No.



FNS-7 Destination Data for Delivery of Donated Foods 0584-0293
FNS-52  Food Requisition 0584-0293
FNS-53 Multi-Food Requisition 0584-0293
FNS-57 Report of Shipment Received, Over, Short and/or Damaged 0584-0293
FNS-101 Participation in Food Programs - By Race 0584-0025
FNS-152 Monthly Distribution of Donated Foods to Family Units 0584-0293
FNS-153 Monthly Report of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program and Quarterly Administrative Financial Status Report 0584-0293
FNS-191 Racial/Ethnic Group Participation (CSFP) 0584-0025
FNS-292A Report of USDA Foods Distribution for Disaster Relief


FNS-663 USDA Foods Acceptability Progress Report


FNS-667 Report of The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Administrative Costs  0584-0293