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Food Distribution

FD Disaster Assistance Snapshot

Last Published: 11/15/2013

Here you will find a brief description about the Food Distribution (FD) Disaster Assistance Program and a link to this web age where you will find additional information about this program.

How it Works

Agencies of USDA help in many ways in a disaster, but perhaps the most immediate is to ensure that people have enough to eat. There are many concerns following a storm, earthquake, civil disturbance, flood or other disaster, but none is more important than providing food in areas where people may find themselves suddenly, and often critically, in need.  Through its Food and Nutrition Service, USDA assists in three ways:

  • Provides commodity foods for shelters and other mass feeding sites.

  • Distributes commodity food packages directly to households in need.

  • Issues emergency SNAP benefits.

For more information about the FD Disaster Assistance Program and how it works, please click on the link below: