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WBSCM CrossWalks:


    *WBSCM/ECOS Security Roles Crosswalk - Summary
    *Detailed - External Roles, Functional Grouping, and Activities Name by Organization Excel Spreadsheet - click on worksheets to see different organizations (updated 08/25/11)
   ECOS/WBSCM Report Crosswalk
   Data Available Timeline
   PCIMS/ECOS Order Codes to WBSCM Order Status Codes
   Program Codes and Descriptions
   Status Codes and Descriptions

   Commodity Code to Material Number (updated 04/29/11)
   All WBSCM Material Data (updated 11/01/13)
   List of Materials Job Aid
   List of Substitutable Materials (updated 05/2012)

   ECOS Codes to WBSCM BP ID (SDA, RA, & COOP) (updated 03/14/11)
   ECOS Entity Code to WBSCM Ship-To BP ID (updated 06/09/11)
   Domestic Ship-To spreadsheet by Business Partner (updated 11/12/13).

Current SHIP-TO: (Direct Delivery Sales Orders Only)
   Assigned Ship-To Business Partners (States Only) (updated 05/09/13)

Orders and Requisitions:
   ECOS Delivery Orders/Requisitions to WBSCM Sales Orders/Requisitions (updated 03/17/11)

Last Modified: 11/13/2013


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