Farm To School

School Gardens and Garden Curriculum

Last Modified: 03/13/2014
  • Farm to School and School Gardens
    Published in July of 2010, this publication from USDA’s National Agriculture Library is a collection of resources on the topic of Farm to School and School Gardening for educators. It is comprised of information available on the internet, educational materials, and contact information of related organizations. 
  • MyGarden™ Toolkit
    Created by the Michigan Department of Education’s Team Nutrition, this publication provides lessons that link to school gardens. The 60 lessons include math, science, social studies and English Language Arts.  
  • New Journeys & Crossings Webcast: School Gardens
    This video webcast in which Constance Carter, Head of the Science Reference Section, Library of Congress, describes the history of the school garden in America and offers reasons why school gardens are making a comeback. 
  • Grow It, Try It, Like It! Preschool Fun with Fruits and Vegetables
    From the USDA Team Nutrition, this garden nutrition education kit targeted to 3-5 year olds introduces children to three fruits and three vegetables. Each lesson booklet contain: hands-on activities, planting activities, stories, songs, MyPyramid for Preschoolers activities, home activities, family-sized recipes, and tips for cooking with children. 
  • Nancy's Garden Teacher's Guide
    Published by the Montana Department of Agriculture Team Nutrition in 2011, named after Montana First Lady Nancy Schweitzer, Nancy's Garden provides a gardening experience for every 4th grade student in Montana by supplying grow boxes, seeds, lesson plans and instructions for each classroom. The resource includes detailed growing instructions, tips, and soil procurement guidelines; lesson plans that take students through planting, growing, and eating produce; and resources and ideas for finding volunteers that connect the classroom garden to the community. 
  • Gardening with Young Children-DIG IN!
    The Penn State University Cooperative Extension Office’s Better Kid Care Program provides educational materials, learning experiences and programs to child care providers, parents, and employers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. This unit focuses on gardening with young children. 
  • The Great Plant Escape
    These lessons from the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Office for 4th and 5th graders are designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow. This interactive program includes a teacher guide, a variety of activities for independent and group work, and is available in English and Spanish.
  • Cornell Garden Based Learning
    The Cornell Garden Based Learning website provides planning materials and how-to guides for starting and maintaining a garden. This site also highlights garden activities for children

For more information on incorporating school gardens and garden curriculum, visit our Implementing Farm to School and Food Safety webpages.