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10/01/1998 The School Food Purchase Study: Final Report
09/01/1998 WIC Nutrition Education Assessment Study
09/01/1998 School Food Purchase Study: Final Report
08/01/1998 Reaching Those in Need: How Effective is the Food Stamp Program?
08/01/1998 Food Stamp EBT Systems and Program- Eligible vs. Non-Eligible Food Items: Report to Congress
08/01/1998 Study of WIC Participant and Program Characteristics 1996
08/01/1998 Evaluation of the Nutrient Standard Menu Planning Demonstration
08/01/1998 Eating Breakfast: Effects of the School Breakfast Program
08/01/1998 Technical and Cost Feasibility of EBT Equipage in Farmers’ Markets and Mobile Food Retailers
07/23/1998 The Effect of Welfare Reform on Able-Bodied Food Stamp Recipients
05/01/1998 State Food Stamp Policy Choices Under Welfare Reform: Findings of 1997 50-State Survey
04/01/1998 The Dynamics of Food Stamp Program Participation in the Early 1990s
03/13/1998 Using Bayesian Shrinkage Methods to Derive State Estimates of Poverty, Food Stamp Program Eligibility, and Food Stamp Program Participation
03/01/1998 Retailer Pre-Authorization Visit Demonstration
02/01/1998 Evaluation of the E&T/JOBS Conformance Demonstrations
12/01/1997 Charactertics of Childless Unemployed Adult and Legal Immigrant Food Stamp Participants: Fiscal Year 1995
10/17/1997 Trends in FSP Participation Rates: Focus on August 1995
09/01/1997 Household Food Security in the United States in 1995: Summary Report of the Food Security Measurement Project
07/01/1997 Early Childhood and Child Care Study
07/01/1997 WIC Infant Feeding Practices Study