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04/01/2000 Food Stamp Nutrition Education Study
03/01/2000 The Extent of Trafficking in the Food Stamp Program: An Update
03/01/2000 Guide to Measuring Household Food Security (Revised 2000)
03/01/2000 Profile of WIC Children
02/01/2000 Evaluation of Asset Accumulation Initiatives
02/01/2000 Characteristics of Food Stamp Households Fiscal Year 1998
01/02/2000 Evaluation of SSI/FSP Joint Processing Alternatives Demonstration
01/01/2000 Guide to Measuring Household Food Security - Revised
12/01/1999 Report on the Pretest of the Reaching the Working Poor and Poor Elderly Survey
12/01/1999 Use of Biometric Identification Technology To Reduce Fraud in the Food Stamp Program Final Report
12/01/1999 Introduction To Biometric Identification Technology: Capabilities and Applications To The Food Stamp Program
12/01/1999 Promoting Healthy Eating: An Investment In the Future
12/01/1999 The Reaching the Working Poor and Poor Elderly Study: What We Learned and Recommendations for Future Research
11/01/1999 Options For A National Database To Track Participation in Federal Means-Tested Public Assistance Programs: Report to Congress
11/01/1999 Trends in FSP Participation Rates: Focus on September 1997
10/01/1999 WIC and Head Start: Partners in Promoting Health and Nutrition for Young Children and Families
10/01/1999 Current Population Survey Analysis of NSLP Participation and Income
10/01/1999 Medicaid Policies and Eligibility for WIC
09/01/1999 The Use of Food Stamps To Purchase Vitamin and Minerals Supplements
08/01/1999 Evaluation of Statewide Nutrition Education Networks (1995-1999)