Training Grants - 1997 TN Grants

Last Published: 11/21/2013
Arizona Department of Education in collaboration with a training coordinator will develop a three-day train-the-trainer module that will include principles of adult learning, development and implementation of school-based comprehensive health and nutrition programs, overview and practical application of recommended nutrition education curriculum and instructional strategies for classroom and food service staff to support the classroom to cafeteria link of nutrition education and healthy food choices. They will also establish a cadre of trainers/mentors to provide a minimum of two additional TN Training workshops and technical assistance to school districts developing comprehensive school health programs to promote lifelong healthy eating habits in children and adolescents. They also plan to provide Local Level TN Training Grants to a minimum of 15 school districts with the majority of their schools enrolled as Team Nutrition Schools for the development of model comprehensive school health programs to promote lifelong healthy eating habits in children and adolescents.
For more information contact:
Kathy Rice, R.D. 
Arizona Department of Education 
1535 West Jefferson Street 
Phoenix, Arizona 85007 
(602) 542-8709 phone
(602) 542-3818 fax
The California Department of Education will utilize funding for three separate projects: Local TN Training Grants; a CD-ROM Development for Nutrient Standard Menu Planning (NSMP) Training; and a Portable Computer Lab for NSMP Training. The Local TN Training Grants will be designed to provide comprehensive, action-oriented delivery of training programs at the district and school level to provide training for teachers on the use of Team Nutrition curriculum; develop garden-enhanced nutrition education projects; and provide professional development opportunities for school nutrition staff. Development of a NSMP Course on CD-ROM will facilitate hands-on computer experience and will improve the status of the school meals by training school nutrition directors and menu planners to comply with the School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children and meet the goals identified by the USDA. California will also establish a cost-effective portable computer lab to enable the Department of Education, Nutrition Education and Training Program to significantly increase its ability to offer NSMP Training in support of the School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children.
For more information contact:
Sally Livingston, RD, MA
Nutrition Education Specialist,
California Department of Education
Nutrition Education and Training Section
560 J Street, Suite 270
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 322-2152 phone
(916) 323-4311 fax
The Illinois Team Nutrition Training Grant involves three distinct activities aimed at assisting Illinois schools in adopting a school wide approach to promoting healthy eating. The first activity, the comprehensive healthy education project, will be a collaborative effort between Illinois NET and the Illinois Department of Public Health. School staff will be provided with essential information on how to develop and implement a school health program that promotes healthy eating through two training workshops. NET will also provide competitive local grants to 10 school districts in order to enable them to plan and implement health programs that will serve as models for all schools. The second activity will provide Illinois elementary and junior high schools with access to fun, interactive, educational exhibits through the use of mobile education units. The third activity, development of a NET web site, will increase the access of educators and food service staff to NET resources, information and services. The web site will also contain up-to-date information on Team Nutrition activities and grant opportunities in Illinois.
For more information contact:
James C. Burke
Division Administrator
Illinois State Board of Education Financial Outreach Services
100 North First Street, W-270
Springfield, Illinois 62777-0001
(217) 782-2491 phone
(217) 524-6124 fax
Iowa's proposal seeks to expand the availability of training opportunities as well as the number of trainers. The project will accomplish these goals by applying the energy, resources and broad connections of a Statewide coalition of public sector agencies and the resources of the State NET Program to develop and provide the food service training/coalition building capacity of an existing, sustainable framework, i.e., Area Education Agencies (AEAs). Three strategies will be used in this grant. First, the NET Coordinator and Iowa Nutrition Education Network staff will develop and implement a competitive grant program for AEAs. Six AEAs will be chosen to assist at least five school districts in their area to implement TEAM Nutrition. A second strategy will be to provide direct training to food service staff in the 30 school districts that implement TEAM Nutrition as part of this grant. They will contract with the National Food Service Institute to conduct the master trainer workshop. The Iowa School Food Service Association has agreed to organize a cadre of 30 members who will also complete this training and conduct ten hands-on training sessions around the State. The third strategy will be to seek private funding to develop a Statewide media campaign that will build on and feature the TEAM Nutrition concepts being developed at the local, regional and national levels.
For more information contact:
Christine J. Anders
Bureau of Food and Nutrition
Grimes State Office Building E. 14th and Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
(515) 281-4758 phone
(515) 281-6548 fax
Kansas is implementing activities to enhance and expand Team Nutrition and the Kansas Comprehensive Training System (KCTS) for School Nutrition Professional Development. These activities will include: (1) developing a standardized, comprehensive, job-category-based framework for Kansas' formal training program; (2) forming a State organization of Team Nutrition Supporters to provide a comprehensive directory of resources and an annual Team Nutrition Event packet; (3) implementing and supporting 10 model programs to demonstrate healthy school meals based upon the "Keys to Excellence: Standards of Practice for Nutrition Integrity"; and (4) providing incentives to 200 additional Kansas schools to implement nutrition education which supports the cafeteria-classroom link.
For more information contact:
Jodi Mackey
Kansas State Department of Education
Nutrition Services 120 SE 10th Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66612-1182
(913) 296-2276 phone
(913) 296-1413 fax
The Maine Department of Education will coordinate with the Maine Technical College System to enhance the delivery of a sustainable training program for school nutrition personnel Statewide and offer expanded training opportunities. The program will offer three levels of training. The first level of basic instruction will be expanded to include an orientation to school food service course. The second level of skill development will use technical college faculty, school nutrition directors, State agency staff, local chefs and other appropriate individuals to train school nutrition staff on implementation of the Dietary Guidelines. Level three, continuing education, will be expanded to renewal process. Maine will also provide Local TN Training Grants to eight school systems to develop a team approach to implementing the Team Nutrition Schools principles in their educational programs. Also, Maine will continue their partnership with the Maine Nutrition Network and expand their efforts targeted to low income schools by providing parallel resources to any Team Nutrition Schools.
For more information contact:
Suzanne Bazinet
Maine Department of Education
Support Systems Team
23 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0023 (
207) 287-5315 phone
(207) 287-5802 fax
The Maryland Team Nutrition Training Project will develop a Statewide cadre of trained resource professionals to assist schools to conduct effective nutrition education activities. At least 50 Cooperative Extension and school food and nutrition service professionals will be trained to assist Team Nutrition schools in five geographic regions of the State. Other project objectives include: increasing the number of Team Nutrition schools in Maryland to 40 percent of all public schools; conducting comprehensive training in nutrition education, food safety and the School Meals Initiative; developing a sustainable relationship with the Maryland Cooperative Extension Service in order to increase available technical assistance to schools and awarding a minimum of eight competitive training mini-grants to both local educational agencies and community organizations.
For more information contact:
Sheila G. Terry, Chief
Nutrition and Transportation Services Branch
Maryland State Department of Education
200 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2595
(410) 767-0199 phone
The Michigan Department of Education in collaboration with Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) and the Michigan Team Nutrition Steering Committee has integrated a two component strategy of peer mentor/coaching to assist and support school food service directors train their staff (on-site) with the Healthy Cuisine for Kids (HCK) curriculum; and comprehensive multi-dimensional support for Michigan Team Nutrition Schools. This grant project is designed to increase the number of Team Nutrition schools, and further assist enrolled Team Nutrition schools build strong partnerships with communities, as they continue to actualize Team Nutrition. They plan on accomplishing this by training peer mentor/coaches in HCK, training 420 food service teams in a one day train-the-trainer workshop, offering on-site technical support, using newsletters to train and sustain Team Nutrition Partners, offering five school districts Demonstration Training Mini-Grants, enhancing Team Nutrition through partnering and support with MSUE, and developing and using a World Wide Web for Team Nutrition sustainability.
For more information contact:
Susan Perkowski Anderson, Supervisor
Michigan Department of Education
Child Nutrition Program,
Box 30008
Lansing, Michigan 48909
(517) 373-2374 phone
(517) 373-4022 fax
The purpose of this grant is to address a wide range of local training needs in order to implement the Healthy School Meals Initiative. The project consists of three parts. First, the development and provision of effective, local-use training resources, which includes the development of a videotape training resource packet, and conducting 20 statewide workshops for school food service managers, supervisors and directors on the requirements and successful implementation of Food Based Menus and NuMenus. Second, development of improved resource materials and services using new technologies, including a website to provide access to digital versions of the materials developed. Third, through a competitive grant process, provide four to six local Team Nutrition Training grants to school districts to develop and implement model district-wide training plans and nutrition education programs.
For more information contact:
Carol Rowe, Supervisor
Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning Food and Nutrition Service,
School Nutrition Programs
550 Cedar Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-2273
(612) 296-9479 phone
(612) 296-2830 fax
New Hampshire
The New Hampshire Department of Education plans to provide between 2 and 20 grants to local school districts for innovative district-wide training programs which meet Team Nutrition Training Grants criteria. They also plan to establish a partnership with the New Hampshire Dietetic Association and provide a training session for dietitians regarding the School Meals Initiative and encourage their involvement in assisting schools with nutrition committees, developing nutrition policies and Team Nutrition projects. Other projects include expanding services which began through a partnership with the Vermont Department of Education by providing a management seminar for New Hampshire and Vermont food service directors and managers. The partnership with the New Hampshire School Food Service Association will be strengthened by having them provide the management seminar and provide the materials and training for "Meeting the Challenge" to school food service staff. In addition, New Hampshire plans on contracting with the National Food Service Management Institute for 3 additional components of a NET needs assessment to expand the information available to the NET Coordinator when planning future training efforts.
For more information contact:
Kathi Wilhelm, Administrator
New Hampshire Department of Education
101 Pleasant Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-3860
(603) 271-3860 phone (603) 271-1953 fax
New Jersey
The New Jersey proposal is a joint venture involving two major partners: the Nutrition Education and Training Program and the Bureau of Child Nutrition. A number of secondary partners including the Academy of Professional Development, the Dairy Council, the American Cancer Society, the New Jersey Parent Teacher Association and the New Jersey School Food Service Association are also involved. The proposal has three goals: strengthen the State's training capacity, establish classroom-cafeteria link, and improve project management techniques. The building training capacity objectives are: expanding the New Jersey Professional Development and Training Cadre; conducting statewide training for school food service personnel; establishing and maintaining three regional computer assistance menu analysis sites and USDA Internet site access; developing and disseminating a quarterly newsletter; conducting Statewide and regional school food service institutes; and developing and disseminating user-friendly handbook for Food Based Menu Planning Options. The classroom-cafeteria link will involve expanding the Power 3 Club Manual and developing quarterly newsletters and linking parents to Power 3 Club by regional Super Saturdays and TN Calendars and academic activities.
For more information contact:
Janet Sfaelos
Education Program Specialist
New Jersey Department of Education
Field Services Academy for Professional Development
1492 Tanyard Road
Sewell, New Jersey 08080
(609) 468-5530 phone
(609) 468-8426 fax
North Dakota
The training project designed by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction will utilize several approaches which will allow the agency to continue and enhance the sustainable training infrastructure initiated with funding received under the 1995 Team Nutrition Training Grant. The training activities proposed in the grant proposals are: (1) conduct focused technical assistance/training meetings for school nutrition personnel; (2) conduct enhanced training for cadre members; (3) conduct culinary skills workshops for school nutrition personnel; and (4) develop and broadcast a third satellite training seminar. In addition, provide funds to assist in providing nutrition information to students.
For more information contact:
Loris Freier, Assistant Director
Department of Public Instruction
Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505-0440
(701) 328-2294 phone
(701) 328-2461 fax
Oregon's TN Training Grant proposes to conduct train-the-trainer workshops to strengthen the NETPRO Oregon training cadre in order to provide a series of three comprehensive, interrelated School Meals Initiative (SMI) training and technical assistance events for Oregon's school food authorities. The first event is Healthy School Meals Workshop which is an 8 hour train-the-trainer workshop for food service directors/managers and key food service staff to improve knowledge and skills in the areas of resources, nutrition, culinary skills, and menu planning. The second event is Mission: Nutrition! which is a day long nutrition extravaganza involving the entire school community. The goal is to create a nutrition awareness culture throughout the school community which supports the production of quality meals meeting USDA nutrition requirements and promotes nutrition education for students. The third event is a school food authorities SMI review which focuses on each school food authorities progress towards meeting SMI regulations.
For more information contact:
Terri Lloyd-Jones 
NET Training Coordinator
Oregon Department of Education 
Child Nutrition Programs
255 Capitol Street NE 
Salem, Oregon 97310-0203 
(503) 378-3579 x 470 phone
(504) 378-5258 fax
Rhode Island
The Rhode Island grant project will expand on the current Team Nutrition Training Program by launching the TNT Institute. The Institute will be a resource for school districts to use for food service training and the development of nutrition education activities in the classroom. It will be able to address the training needs of school food authorities. The Institute will also be responsible for increasing the involvement and empowerment of parents and community members to play an active role in improving the diet of children through schools.
For more information contact:
David J. Andreozzi
Finance and Administration Manager
Rhode Island Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
Office of Finance, Nutrition Programs
Section 255 Westminster Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 277-4600 ext. 2452
phone (401) 277-6163 fax
South Carolina
The South Carolina grant will expand and refine the training infrastructure to support systematic and consistent training and technical assistance by establishing 12 training centers to provide training for directors, operators and managers for continuous improvement of meal quality and service to students and coordination of technical assistance. The project is also designed to establish community-based allowances to advocate for community and media support for Healthy School Meals through training school food service directors in social marketing and social learning techniques. It will also establish a demonstration program in four middle schools for building collaborate program and partnerships that support healthy school meals to serve as models to be replicated by other middle schools. Also, they will deliver Target Your Market training to assist directors and managers in marketing school nutrition programs.
For more information contact:
Vivian B. Pilant, Director
South Carolina Department of Education
Office of School Food Services
1429 Senate Street,
Room 200
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
(803) 734-8195 phone
(803) 734-8061 fax
South Dakota
The South Dakota Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs proposes a three-pronged program to meet the intended purpose of the Team Nutrition Training Grant for Healthy School Meals. The Program design includes: (1) a "Summer Institute" experiential training program offering academic credit for school-based teams to receive comprehensive training in team-based nutrition education with a continued follow-along technical assistance component to assist teams to carry out school-based programs; (2) a supplemental grants program for the selected team schools in South Dakota to develop and implement their team-based solutions for nutrition education; and (3) comprehensive enhancement of nutrition education activities for Food service Certification Programs.
For more information contact:
Sandra Kangas, Director
Department of Education & Cultural Affairs
Child and Adult Nutrition Services
700 Governors Drive
Pierre, South Dakota 57501
(605) 773-4746 phone
(605) 773-6846 fax
This project-Going for the Gold in School Nutrition-aims at creating long-range training plans for the State and for each individual school district. Training will be geared towards kitchen managers, and it will focus on implementing the School Meals Initiative, particularly NuMenus. Some of the topics to be covered include standardization of recipes, nutrient analysis, menu planning, and food preparation techniques. The project is divided into four levels. The first level is the Olympic Organizing Committee, which will set up a five year integrated delivery plan to reach all levels of the school nutrition programs. The Bronze Medal Level, the second level, will develop a district wide training program for school food service personnel. The third level, Silver Medal Level, will support training at the local level, while the fourth level, Gold Medal Level, will create a one week high-level manager training program at a local college.
For more information contact:
Nancy Denton, R.D. C.D
Nutrition Education and Training Coordinator
Utah State Office of Education
Child Nutrition Programs
250 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
(801) 538-7656
phone (801) 538-7883
The goal of this proposal is to increase support for the School Meals Initiative by drawing educators and school leaders into the project while continuing to enhance the capacity of managers to operate high quality school meal programs. Six major activities are planned, including a series of seminars for managers of school food authorities comprised of single schools serving grades K through 12; a management conference to provide concrete management skills for food service managers and directors; a 5-A-Day-Project designed to provide schools with training and materials to conduct classroom hands-on activities with fruits and vegetables; awarding Local Team Nutrition Training Grants to schools to implement action plans to strengthen comprehensive health programs in their schools; create a Team Nutrition Schools Network to increase awareness of the School Meals Initiative; and hold a School Leaders Conference to attract school administrators and school board members to learn about their roles in operating a high quality nutrition program.
For more information contact:
Josephine Busha, State Director 
Child Nutrition Programs
Vermont Department of Education 
120 State Street 
Montpelier, Vermont 05620 
(802) 828-5154
(802) 818-3140
West Virginia
The West Virginia Department of Education project aims at providing training to enable site managers and head cooks to implement changes in their schools' nutrition programs to reflect healthy meal standards. Five ten-hour regional workshops covering all 55 school districts will be conducted throughout the state. The proposal also aims at expanding the state's training infrastructure by identifying Health Meals Mentors and developing their abilities to transfer knowledge and skills to other cooks. Twenty class participants will be selected as mentors/trainers. The Department will also maintain a network of local trainers to support the development and delivery of project training and monitoring activities.
For more information contact:
Harriet Deel, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Child Nutrition
West Virginia Department of Education
Building 6, Room B-248
1900 Kanawha Boulevard,
East Charleston, West Virginia 25305
(304) 558-1149 fax
(307) 777-6270 phone