Retailers Store Training Information

Last Published: 08/26/2016

As a SNAP authorized retailer it is your responsibility to ensure that the SNAP training materials are reviewed by all firm's owners and all employees (whether paid or unpaid, new, full-time or part-time); and that all employees follow SNAP rules and regulations. Click here for a summary of SNAP Training Expectations. See below for links to the SNAP regulations and training material.


Regulations on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program can be found at Title 7; Subtitle B; Chapter II; Subchapter C – Food Stamp and Food Distribution Program of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. Click here to access this information.

Training Guides

FNS offers a  25-page training guide that fully covers program rules and regulations.  The guide also covers all frequently asked questions (FAQ) on what food is eligible, SNAP purchases exempt from sales tax, manufacturer’s coupons, and your point-of-sale equipment. 

We strongly encourage you to review the guide with all owners and employees.  We offer this guide in  two languages that you can select from below.

Training Video

FNS is experiencing technical difficulties and you may not be able to access the SNAP Retailer Training Videos online.  We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as we can.  If you experience problems, please call the SNAP Retailer Service Center at 1-877-823-4369 and a SNAP Training video will be sent to you. 

FNS offers a 17-minute streaming video that reviews program rules and regulations.  This is a Windows Media Video file. If clicking on the link does not launch the video on your computer, then open Windows Media Player; click on “File”, click on “Open URL”; and copy the following URL. The videos offer closed captioning, if you do not see captions please ensure you have enabled this feature in your media player.

Eligible Food Items

Click here for more information to determine the eligibility of a product for purchase with SNAP benefits.

How to Obtain New Retailer SNAP Posters and Decals

In August 2013 FNS updated the SNAP Fraud and Abuse poster which makes it clear that buying or selling SNAP or WIC benefits is a Federal Crime.  The poster provides contact information for reporting abuse in FNS programs and is required to be posted in all SNAP authorized stores.

SNAP Fraud Poster

Best used for printing on 11" X 17” paper

SNAP Fraud Poster

Best used for professional edge to edge printing;the trim size is 11"X 17"

As of May 19, 2010, FNS revised its SNAP posters and decals to inform clients that benefits are not merely accepted, but welcomed at your establishment. If you are an authorized SNAP retailer, you may order the new SNAP poster and decal for your store, or replace lost or damaged material, by calling our toll-free retailer hotline at 1-877-823-4369. Please have your FNS number on hand prior to calling.