Scrip System (Paper Scrip, Token or Receipts)

Last Published: 01/13/2014

Farmers Market Graphic

In cases where individual farmers do not have an FNS license to accept SNAP benefits, a farmers' market can obtain a SNAP license and allow eligible farmers in the market to accept SNAP benefits, by issuing scrip and using a centralized POS device to process transactions.

There are two basic scrip systems:  

  • Paper scrip or tokens: Market staff swipe the EBT card at a centrally located POS device, debiting the amount requested by the customer in exchange for paper scrip or tokens, which can then be used to shop at all eligible food booths in the market.
    • Payment: Farmers trade the scrip/tokens with market staff for payment.  
  •  Receipts: A customer sets aside selected food at a farmer’s booth, and the farmer gives the customer a list of the selected items. The customer then takes the list to the centralized POS device, uses an EBT card to pay for the items, and receives a receipt. The customer then gives the farmer the receipt in exchange for the selected food.
    • Payment: Market staff keeps track of the receipts and reimburse farmers based on the day's purchases.