FDPIR USDA Foods Fact Sheets

Last Published: 08/28/2015

This page provides links to USDA Foods fact sheets and recipes currently available to eligible households participating in the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR). Each fact sheet includes a description of the USDA product, packaging and storage information, and nutrition facts such as serving size, fat and sodium (salt) levels, etc., and suggested recipes.  

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900514, 900515, 900510, 900511 Apples Fresh Fruits FDPIR
100207 Applesauce, Canned, Unsweetened Fruits FDPIR
100210 Apricots, Canned Fruits FDPIR
100918 Bakery Mix, Biscuit Type, Low-Fat Grains FDPIR
110020 Beans, Black, Low-Sodium, Canned Beans FDPIR
100380 Beans, Great Northern, Dry Beans FDPIR
100372 Beans, Kidney; Light Red, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
110021 Beans, Pinto, Low-Sodium, Canned Beans FDPIR
100382 Beans, Pinto, Dry Beans FDPIR
100361 Beans, Refried, Low-Sodium, Canned Beans FDPIR
100363 Beans, Vegetarian, Low-Sodium, Canned Beans FDPIR
100127 Beef with Natural Juices Canned Meats FDPIR
100159 Beef Ground Frozen Meats FDPIR
100166 Beef Round Roast (Ready-to-Cook) Frozen Meats FDPIR
100526 Beef Stew Canned Meats FDPIR
100921 Buttery Spread Light Oils FDPIR
900180 Cabbage, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100308 Carrots, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
900115 Carrots, Baby Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
900110, 900111, 900113, 900114 Carrots, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
900195 Celery, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100933 Cereal, Bran Flakes, Ready-to-Eat, Dry Grains FDPIR
110265 Cereal Corn, and Rice Biscuits, Ready-to-Eat Dry Grains FDPIR
100449 Cereal, Cornflakes, Ready-to-Eat Dry Grains FDPIR
100446 Cereal, Corn Squares, Ready-to-Eat Grains FDPIR
110372, 110371, 110373, 110374 Cereal, Wheat Squares, Read-To-Eat Grains FDPIR
100473 Cereal, Farina, Quick Cooking, Enriched Grains FDPIR
100929 Cereal Oat Circles Ready-to-Eat Grains FDPIR
100457 Cereal, Rice Crisps, Ready-to-Eat Grains FDPIR
100035 Cheese, American and Skim Milk Blend Dairy FDPIR
110199 Cheese, Pasteurized, Process American Dairy FDPIR
110302 Chicken Canned Meats FDPIR
100880 Chicken Whole Frozen Meats FDPIR
110154 Chicken, Split Breasts, Frozen Meats FDPIR
900210 Corn Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100471 Cornmeal Degermed Enriched Grains FDPIR
100310 Corn, Sweet, Cream-Style, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100311 Corn, Whole Kernel, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100910 Crackers, Saltine, Unsalted Tops Grains FDPIR
100213 Cranberry Sauce, Canned Fruits FDPIR
900200 Cucumbers, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100044 Egg Mix, Dried Meats FDPIR
100433 Egg Noodles, Dry, Enriched Grains FDPIR
100400 Flour, All-Purpose, Enriched Grains FDPIR
100410 Flour, Whole Wheat Grains FDPIR
100297 Fruit and Nut Mix, Dried Fruits FDPIR
900520, 900521, 900523 Grapefruit Fresh Fruits FDPIR
100306 Green Beans, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100314 Green Peas, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
900190 Green Peppers, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100182 Ham, Water Added, Fully Cooked Frozen Meats FDPIR
100904 Hominy, Whole, Golden, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100893 Juice, Apple, Unsweetened, Bottle Fruits FDPIR
100894 Juice, Apple-Cherry, Unsweetened Bottle Fruits FDPIR
100899 Juice, Cranberry Apple, Unsweetened Bottle Fruits FDPIR
100895 Juice, Grape, Unsweetened, Bottle Fruits FDPIR
100896 Juice, Grapefruit, Unsweetened Bottle Fruits FDPIR
100897 Juice, Orange, Unsweetened Bottle Fruits FDPIR
100898 Juice, Tomato, Bottle Vegetables FDPIR
100428 Macaroni, Elbow, Dry Grains FDPIR
101024 Macaroni and Cheese Mix Dry Grains FDPIR
110162 Milk, Evaporated Dairy FDPIR
100065 Milk Nonfat Instant Dry Dairy FDPIR
100050 Milk 1% Low-Fat UHT Dairy FDPIR
100211 Mixed Fruit, Canned Fruits FDPIR
100320 Mixed Vegetables, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100465 Oats, Rolled, Quick Dry Grains FDPIR
100440 Oil Vegetable Oils FDPIR
900122 Onions Red Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
900530, 900532, 900533, 900534 Oranges, Fresh Fruits FDPIR
100314 Peas, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100218 Peaches, Canned Fruits FDPIR
900205 Peaches, Fresh Fruits FDPIR
100395 Peanut Butter, Smooth Meats FDPIR
100391 Peanuts, Oil Roasted, Unsalted Meats FDPIR
100223 Pears, Canned, Peeled Fruits FDPIR
900540, 900541, 900542, 900543 Pears, Fresh Fruits FDPIR
100290 Plums, Whole, Dried Fruits FDPIR
110380 Pork Loin Chops, Frozen Meats FDPIR
100331 Potatoes, Sliced, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100337 Potatoes Dehydrated Flakes Vegetables FDPIR
900140, 900141, 900142, 900143 Potatoes, Red, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
900131 Potatoes, Russet, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100319 Pumpkin, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100295 Raisins, Seedless Fruits FDPIR
100491, 100492 Rice, White, Enriched, Long Grain Grains FDPIR
100435 Rotini, Whole-Wheat Grains FDPIR
100198 Salmon, Pink, Canned Meats FDPIR
110163 Soup, Cream of Chicken, Carton Meats FDPIR
110164 Soup, Cream of Mushroom, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100322 Soup Tomato Condensed Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100321 Soup, Vegetable, Condensed, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100426 Spaghetti Enriched Dry Grains FDPIR
100335 Spaghetti Sauce, Meatless Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100323 Spinach, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
900151 Summer Squash Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
900160, 900161, 900162, 900163 Sweet Potatoes Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100316 Sweet Potatoes, Low-Sodium,  Canned Vegetables FDPIR
100328 Tomatoes, Diced, Low-Sodium,  Canned Vegetables FDPIR
900215 Tomatoes, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
100333 Tomato Sauce, Low-Sodium, Canned Vegetables FDPIR
110245 Turkey Breast Cooked Deli-Style Frozen Meats FDPIR
900170,  900172 Turnips, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR
900150 Winter Squash, Fresh Vegetables FDPIR

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