Healthier School Day

School Employees

Last Published: 01/24/2014

As a school employee, you have the ability to help make the school meal changes a positive and exciting experience for everyone. You make a difference every day when you offer nutritious food choices for students. Continue to be a champion of healthy and nutritious school meals. Talk to parents, students and teachers about the benefits of the new meal standards.

Thank you for making the school day a healthy one for your students!

Use “The School Day Just Got Healthier Toolkit” as a valuable resource providing tools to help you learn and get involved with this exciting time in school meals!

Watch the Webcast: School Food Service Director Success Story

Click here to download the Educators Toolkit

Click here to download the School Foodservice Staff Toolkit

Click here to visit The School Day Just Got Healthier Toolkit page, showing all toolkits, resources, and items available to download individually.