Farm To School

Farm to Child Care

Last Published: 03/24/2014
  • Let’s Move! Child Care
    Let’s Move! Child care is part of the First Lady’s initiative that is dedicated to solving the obesity problem. This site provides healthy eating and exercise information and resources. In addition, the site provides menu planning tips and ideas for getting started. 
  • Grow It, Try It, Like It! Preschool Fun with Fruits and Vegetables
    From the USDA Team Nutrition, this garden nutrition education kit for child care center staff introduces children to three fruits and three vegetables. Each set of lessons in the booklets contain: hands-on activities, planting activities, and nutrition education activities that introduce MyPyramid for Preschoolers. 
  • Farm to Preschool
    Through Urban and Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College, the Center for Food and Justice sponsored a farm to preschool pilot program in Los Angeles, CA. The program aims to provide locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to preschoolers and to develop wellness policies that other child care and preschools can implement. 
  • NC Family Impact Seminar: Farm to Preschool
    Provided through the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University, this presentation discusses why farm to preschool initiatives are important and the differences between farm to preschool and farm to K-12 schools. 
  • Farm to Preschool: Curriculum
    Provided through the Ohio State Department of Agriculture, this presentation provides curriculum resources for farm to preschool organizers. 
  • National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI): Farm to School and Farm to Child Care Resources
    Through USDA funding, NFSMI developed several hands-on activities to introduce preschool age children to farmers markets, gardening and nutrition.