Translated Applications

Last Published: 04/15/2015

There is an updated application prototype for School Year 2015-16, which is currently available only in English. Below, though, are translated application and verification form prototypes for State agency consideration, all of which were updated in July 2011.


You may also want to use the "I Speak" document to help identify the primary language of non-English speakers. It uses short phrases in 33 languages that an applicant can check to indicate the language they speak. "I Speak" can help Local Educational Agencies select the appropriate translation as well as ensure consistent and effective interaction with applicants who have limited English proficiency. 

English (.doc) (.pdf)
Arabic (.doc) (.pdf)
Armenian (.doc) (.pdf)
Cambodian (.doc) (.pdf)
Chinese (Traditional) (.doc) (.pdf)
Chinese (Simplified) (.doc) (.pdf)
Croatian (.doc) (.pdf)
Farsi (.doc) (.pdf)
French (.doc) (.pdf)
Greek (.doc) (.pdf)
Gujarati (.doc) (.pdf)
Haitian Creole (.doc) (.pdf)
Hindi (.doc) (.pdf)
Hmong (.doc) (.pdf)
Japanese (.doc) (.pdf)
Korean (.doc) (.pdf)
Kurdish (.doc) (.pdf)
Laotian (.doc) (.pdf)
Mien (.doc) (.pdf)
Polish (.doc) (.pdf)
Portuguese (.doc) (.pdf)
Punjabi (.doc) (.pdf)
Russian (.doc) (.pdf)
Samoan (.doc) (.pdf)
Serbian (.doc) (.pdf)
Somali (.doc) (.pdf)
Spanish (.doc) (.pdf)
Sudanese (.doc) (.pdf)
Tagalog (.doc) (.pdf)
Thai (.doc) (.pdf)
Tigrinya (.doc) (.pdf)
Ukrainian (.doc) (.pdf)
Urdu (.doc) (.pdf)
Vietnamese (.doc) (.pdf)