Calculating Costs and Funding for School Breakfast Expansion

Last Published: 04/29/2016

Calculating Costs

School food service professionals must operate Child Nutrition Programs with ever-increasing efficiency. Using these tools, you can calculate a target participation level in order to generate sufficient reimbursement/income to offset costs. Can the program sustain itself? Administrators and other stakeholders may lend more support to the action plan if it reduces the financial burden on a district's general funds.

Cost-effectiveness is a key component of all decisions related to labor, food purchasing, and equipment maintenance. These resources may help you calculate and maximize the cost-effectiveness of operating the School Breakfast Program.

Funding for School Breakfast Expansion

Does the State offer additional reimbursement for breakfast or expansion grants? If not, aside from exploring grant opportunities, consider a longer term goal to work with Child Nutrition Program advocates and State Representatives to promote State funding for school breakfast.