Food and Nutrition Service Launches New "Get Involved" Webpage

Last Published: 04/28/2014

Attention partners! FNS has launched a new webpage just for you! The "Get Involved" webpage is full of tools your organization can use to improve outreach efforts for food help programs like SNAP, Summer Food, CACFP At-Risk Afterschool Meals, and more. When you visit, you'll discover how your organization, or even you as an individual, can dive into FNS outreach.

This page offers information for organizations that want to get started and have done limited or no outreach with FNS in the past. It connects them with an overview of FNS food help programs, and it gets them to resources they need to start a meal or outreach program from scratch.

In the News

If you scroll past this new-to-FNS section, you'll see the "In the News" section, which features new outreach resources, updates on initiatives and programs, and other highlights.

Scroll a little farther, and you'll see a grid of graphics that represent helpful topic areas. FNS asked its partners what they needed most from its website, and they answered:

  • How do I order outreach materials?
  • Where do I register for webinars and listen to past webcasts?
  • How can I get funding?
  • Where do I find data and reports?
  • Is there a toolkit for ____________?
  • Where do I find info on Let's Move, Ending Childhood Hunger, and other initiatives?
  • How do I partner with FNS?
  • Where can I connect with others doing hunger work?

You can also find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about outreach and partnerships at the bottom of the page. Finally, the site also has a live, refreshing Twitter feed and links to all of FNS' social media pages. Hopefully you'll join the conversation.

Be sure to stay tuned! FNS will Tweet updates and new resources as they appear on the Get Involved webpage, so follow us on Twitter.