"Champions for Change" Moms Unite For Healthy Eating

Last Published: 12/15/2013

Making health a priority can be a daunting task for parents who are over-worked and underpaid, however, moms in California are now uniting to inspire other moms to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and physical activity into their families' lives. The Champions for Change campaign, which is part of California Department of Public Health's Network for a Healthy California (Network), is featuring women in ads, as spokespeople, role models, and in public relations efforts that highlight the key role moms play in healthy eating to combat the country's obesity epidemic and improve nutrition through programs like SNAP.

The ads include tips to help busy moms feeling the economic pinch make healthy choices for themselves and their children. The campaign, which is funded by SNAP-Ed, is part of California's ongoing public health effort to empower low- income Californians to live healthier, more active lives. The ads encourage individuals to become agents of change in their communities to work toward better access to healthy foods and safe environments.

The women featured in the ads speak about their own experiences in overcoming barriers to access nutritious food and how they are inspiring other community members to be Champions for Change. Brenda Parker, who resides in Riverside County is one of the moms featured in the campaign. Besides being a role model for healthier eating habits and physical activity in her home, Parker recently established a healthy snack sale at her children's school to replace the traditional unhealthy baked goods and snacks.

Hero Mom Success Card

Other Champion Moms' stories are featured on the initiative's website, which also includes healthy recipe ideas, tips for choosing quality produce in the supermarket, and ideas for sneaking physical activity into daily activities.

If you'd like to learn more about Champions for Change, please view the webinar "Eat Right When Money's Tight" or visit the Network's Web site at www.cachampionsforchange.net.