Pregnant Woman Fleeing Husband Finds Food Help - Story of Hope from the National Hunger Hotline

Last Published: 06/11/2014

Pregnant and fleeing her abusive husband, a woman from New York called the Hotline in search of food and medical assistance for herself, her toddler, and her unborn child. While the toddler was already a recipient of Medicaid, the mother's immigrant status disqualified her from participation in the program.

She also spoke no English and thus could not communicate with any of the service providers she had been able to find. We referred her to a NYC domestic abuse hotline, the Women, Infants, and Children program (WIC) for her toddler, several food pantries including a non-profit social service which runs a program for pregnant, Spanish-speaking women. We also provided her with contact information for a legal support group so that she could pursue child support.

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The National Hunger Hotline 1-866-3 HUNGRY and 1-877-8 HAMBRE (1-866-348-6479 and 1-877-842-6273) refers people in need of emergency food assistance to food pantries, government programs, and model grassroots organizations that work to improve access to healthy, nutritious food, and build self-reliance. Help is available on Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm EST. Hablamos espa¤ol.

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The National Hunger Hotline is a service of the National Hunger Clearinghouse, funded in part by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service and managed by WhyHunger. The "Stories of Hope" highlights stories, trends, and other information that we hear from people across the country in need of food assistance.