Last Published: 12/03/2012
  • Octubre 16 2015
    Guest Blog by Heather Hauswirth, Colorado Department of Education  -- In September 2014, our office, the Colorado Department of Education Office of School Nutrition, was awarded a Team Nutrition Training Grant from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service to implement statewide school wellness training.
  • Octubre 16 2015
    Guest Blog by Gail Koutroubas, School Food Service Director in Andover, MA -- For 10 years, I’ve been a school food service director at Andover School District in Massachusetts. My district of 5,900 students lies in an upper-class suburb of Boston. The median income is approximately $140,000 with just 7 percent of students qualifying for free or reduced-priced lunch.
  • Octubre 15 2015
    By Janna Raudenbush, Public Affairs Specialist, FNS -- Over the past year, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service partnered with the Institute for Child Nutrition (ICN) to host seven regional workshops called Team Up for School Nutrition Success. The two day, face-to-face workshops used a research-based mentorship model to educate and empower school nutrition professionals around the country.
  • Octubre 14 2015
    By Janna Raudenbush, Public Affairs Specialist, Food and Nutrition Service -- Baked parmesan fish, butternut squash with black beans, honey lemon chicken… No, these aren’t items on a high-end restaurant menu. They’re delicious dishes being offered in America’s school lunchrooms! This National School Lunch Week, we’re celebrating school meal programs around the country and renewed efforts to provide nutritious and appetizing meals featuring more fruits and vegetables and whole grains with less calories, sodium, and trans fats.
  • Octubre 13 2015
    By Janna Raudenbush, Public Affairs Specialist, Food and Nutrition Service -- The fall season has arrived and with it the National School Lunch Week celebration! During the second week of October, USDA recognizes the important role school meal programs play in providing healthy, appetizing foods to their students.
  • Octubre 13 2015
    By Deborah Kane, National Director, USDA Farm to School Program -- Along with brilliantly colored hard squash, crisp apples, and hearty greens, October ushers in National Farm to School Month, a time to raise awareness about and celebrate the impact of farm to school programs on children, producers, and communities.
  • Octubre 6 2015
    By Secretary Vilsack and Secretary Burwell -- One of our government’s most important responsibilities is protecting the health of the American public, and that includes empowering them with the tools they need to make educated decisions. Since 1980, families, nutrition and health professionals across the nation have looked to the Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture for science-based dietary guidelines to serve as a framework for nutritious eating.
  • Octubre 5 2015
    By Alexandra Wilson, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and Lucia Kaiser, nutrition specialist, University of California Cooperative Extension -- What started as a project to test the effectiveness of childhood obesity prevention methods has turned into a community-wide effort and a new culture of health for families in Firebaugh, California.
  • Octubre 5 2015
    By Arthur Neal, Agricultural Marketing Service -- Thanks to a recent grant from USDA, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection is now in better position to help get locally grown potatoes, carrots, apples, broccoli, and cheese onto school lunch plates. 
  • Octubre 2 2015
    Guest Blog by Mark Wilson, Corporation for National and Community Service -- “Sports, games, nutrition, friends and fun!” is how Andrea Wilkinson described her summer service in Reno, Nev. From June to August, AmeriCorps VISTA summer associates like Andrea served in 42 states and the District of Columbia, making the summer meals program more fun and beneficial for families.