Food Distribution: Substitution of Donated Poultry With Commercial Poultry

Last Modified: 07/11/2013
Martes, Marzo 12, 2002

Notice. This notice announces the Food and Nutrition Service’s (FNS) intent to continue a demonstration project to test program changes designed to improve the State processing of donated poultry by allowing the substitution of donated poultry supplied by the Department of Agriculture (the Department) with commercial poultry. The Department is currently operating a demonstration project that allows selected poultry processors to substitute commercial poultry for donated poultry in the State processing of donated poultry. Only bulk pack poultry and poultry parts are eligible for substitution under the current demonstration project. Notice of the project, which commenced operation on February 1, 1996, was published in the Federal Register at 61 FR 5373 on February 12, 1996. The project was expanded and extended through June 30, 2000 (64 FR 35582, July 1, 1999). The project was further extended through June 30, 2002 (65 FR 25296, May 1, 2000). Under the demonstration project, FNS invoked its authority under 7 CFR 250.30(t) to waive the current prohibition at 7 CFR 250.30 (f)(1)(i) against the substitution of poultry items and to establish the criteria under which substitution will be permitted.

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