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Last Modified: 01/10/2014
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12/11/2014 Demonstration Project for Non-Congregate Feeding for Outdoor Summer Meal Sites Experiencing Excessive Heat with Q & As
12/09/2014 More Than Half of High-Poverty Schools Now Offer Free Meals to all Students
12/08/2014 Summer Meal Programs Meal Service Requirements Q&As
12/08/2014 Summer Meal Programs Meal Service Requirements Q&As
12/05/2014 Revised FNS-834 Reporting Procedures for SY 2014-15
11/26/2014 CN Labels Copied with a Watermark
11/21/2014 Area Eligibility in Child Nutrition Programs
11/21/2014 Updated E-Rate Guidance for Schools Electing Community Eligibility
11/21/2014 Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts
11/18/2014 Assessing Proposed Nutrition Education Costs in the NSLP and SBP
11/14/2014 Evaluation of the Impact of Wave 2 Incentives Demonstrations on Participation in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP): FY 2012
11/12/2014 Farm to School and School Garden Expenses
10/24/2014 Certification of Compliance Worksheets: 4-Day Schedule
10/24/2014 Certification of Compliance Worksheets: 3-Day Schedule
10/21/2014 Revised Administrative Review Tool and Forms
10/16/2014 Unpaid Meal Charges: Request for Information
10/14/2014 SY 2014-15 CRE: Procedures Manual, Forms and Instructions
10/08/2014 Online Fees in the School Meal Programs
10/08/2014 Paid Lunch Equity: School Year 2015-16 Calculations and Tool
10/01/2014 Collaboration with School Food Authorities in Conducting Administrative Reviews and Assessing Compliance with Smart Snacks in Schools
10/01/2014 Potatoes Frozen Rounds No Added Salt 5lb Code 100358
09/30/2014 Flexibility for Whole Grain-Rich Pasta in SY2014 and SY2015
09/24/2014 SY 2014-15 Certification of Compliance with New Meal Patterns: Certification Tools and Prototype Attestation - Revised
09/22/2014 Information and Guidance on the Domestic Beef Market