Problems with Viewing or Printing the Online version of the "And Justice for All" Posters?

Last Published: 04/08/2014

The online versions of the "And Justice for All" posters require that you have the Adobe Acrobat reader software. This software can be obtained through the link below:

Problems with clarity have been reported when viewing or printing the online copies of the "And Justice for All" posters. These problems can be resolved by upgrading the Adobe Reader software to version 7.0.7 or later. 

Please be advised that FNS Instruction 113-1 requires that the "And Justice for All" posters be displayed in a specific size: 11" width x 17” height. This size requirement relates to a problem where the text of the poster becomes small and almost unreadable when the "And Justice for All" poster is printed in a typical printer's print size of 8.5" x 11".  Very few organizations have printers capable of printing the required size for displaying the posters. The Internet copies of the "And Justice for All" posters are shared for the purpose of reference rather than for printing and display.

For information on how to obtain the full-size version of these posters, please see Obtaining Copies of Posters.