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Last Published: 11/07/2013
Date Título
04/25/2016 E&T State Plan Handbook
04/25/2016 Agency Information Collection Activities - Identifying Program Components and Practices That Influence SNAP Application Processing Timeliness Rates
04/22/2016 Major Changes Reporting Memo, Templates and Graphic
04/21/2016 Electronic Signatures Memo
04/20/2016 Proposed Rule: SNAP Standard Utility Allowances Based on the Receipt of Energy Assistance Payments Under the Agricultural Act of 2014
04/15/2016 State Options Report
04/13/2016 Application Extension - Request for Volunteers - Food Purchasing and Delivery Services
04/11/2016 Comment Request - SNAP Employment and Training Program Monitoring, Oversight and Reporting Measures
04/08/2016 Final Rule: SNAP Review of Major Changes in Program Design and Management Evaluation Systems - Notice Of Approval Of Information Collection Request
04/06/2016 Correction: SNAP Promotion
04/05/2016 Clarification of Proposed Rule and Extension of Comment Period: Enhancing Retailer Standards in SNAP
04/04/2016 Treatment of ABLE Accounts in Determining SNAP Eligibility
04/04/2016 Status of State ABAWD Waivers
04/01/2016 Joint USDA-DOL Letter: Partnering to Help Connect Low-Income Able-bodied Adults to the Public Workforce System
03/31/2016 Guidance for Improving State Timeliness Rates and Standardizing the Escalation Process
03/31/2016 Final Rule: SNAP Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Grant Program
03/28/2016 Comment Request - Federal Collection Methods for SNAP Recipient Claims
03/25/2016 SNAP Process and Technology Improvement Grants Webinar
03/25/2016 Comment Request - SNAP Requirement for National Directory of New Hires Employment Verification and Annual Program Activity Reporting
03/24/2016 Implementation Memo SNAP Employment and Training Program Monitoring, Oversight and Reporting Measures