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Last Published: 11/07/2013
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07/27/2016 SNAP E and T Outcome Reporting Interim Final Rule Questions and Answers Part I
07/20/2016 Pub test
06/29/2016 Asset Limits, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation, and Financial Stability
06/24/2016 Agency Information Collection Activities: SNAP State Law Enforcement Bureau (SLEB) Fraud Investigations
06/24/2016 Comment Request - SNAP Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations
06/08/2016 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $16.8 Million in Grants to Encourage Healthy Food Purchases for SNAP Participants
06/02/2016 Healthy Corner Stores Guide
06/02/2016 USDA Publishes Guide to Help Convenience Stores Sell Healthier Foods
06/01/2016 Trends in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation Rates: Fiscal Year 2010 to Fiscal Year 2014
06/01/2016 SNAP Quarterly Wage Reporting Project
05/26/2016 Comment Request - Quality Control Review Schedule (FNS 380)
05/26/2016 Comment Request - Follow Up to An Assessment of the Roles and Effectiveness of Community-based Organizations in SNAP
05/26/2016 Comment Request - Performance Reporting System, Management Evaluation
05/25/2016 Request for Information: SNAP Data Exchange Standardization
05/11/2016 Agency Information Collection Activities: State Agency (NSLP/SNAP) Direct Certification Rate Data Element Report (FNS-834)
05/10/2016 Proposed Rule: Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP)
05/06/2016 Comment Request - Evaluation of Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentives (FINI)