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Last Published: 10/28/2013
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03/14/2013 Study of Direct Certification in the National School Lunch Program
03/14/2013 Evaluation of the School Breakfast Program Pilot Project: Findings from the First Year of Implementation
03/14/2013 Current Population Survey Analysis of NSLP Participation and Income
03/14/2013 Children's Diet in the Mid-1990's: Dietary Intake and Its Relationship with School Meal Participation
03/14/2013 Characteristics of National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program Participants
03/14/2013 Changes in Children's Diets: 1989-1991 To 1994-1996
03/14/2013 Case Study of National School Lunch Program Verification Outcomes in Large Metropolitan School Districts
03/14/2013 Availability of Fresh Produce In Nutrition Assistance Programs
03/15/2013 Analysis of Summer Food Service Program and Food Needs of Nonparticipating Children
03/15/2013 An Evaluation of the Prime Vendor Pilot of the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
03/15/2013 School Food Purchase Study-III: Nutritional Characteristics of School Food Acquisitions
03/15/2013 Modeling of High-Risk Indicators of Certification Error in the National School Lunch Program
03/15/2013 School Food Purchase Study III
03/15/2013 Nutrient and MyPyramid Analysis of USDA Foods in Five of Its Food and Nutrition Programs
03/15/2013 Addressing Child Hunger and Obesity in Indian Country: Report to Congress
03/15/2013 Direct Certification in the National School Lunch Program State Implementation Progress, School Year 2010-2011 Report to Congress
03/15/2013 Evaluation of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program: Interim Report
03/15/2013 Evaluation of the Impact of Incentives Demonstrations on Participation in the Summer Food Service Programs (SFSP): FY 2010 Arkansas and Mississippi
03/15/2013 Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Assessment of Sponsor Tiering Determinations 2010
03/15/2013 Regional Office Review of Application (RORA) For School Meals 2010