FNS Strategic Plan

Last Published: 11/19/2014

USDA 2014 Strategic Plan coverAll Federal Departments are required to prepare strategic plans that identify their key goals and objectives, their strategies for attaining them, and measures of progress. USDA's most recent strategic plan covers FY 2014-2018.

USDA’s Strategic Goal 4, “Ensure that all of America's children have access to safe, nutritious and balanced meals,” sets out the major objectives for the 15 Federal nutrition assistance programs administered by the Food and Nutrition Service – programs designed to work together to improve food security and diet quality for children and low-income people throughout the United States. Goal 4 includes performance measures that assess progress with regard to these outcomes.


USDA Stategic Goal 4


The work of the Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services mission area is captured under two of the Goal 4 supporting objectives:

Objective 4.1: Improve Access to Nutritious Food - representing FNS’s efforts to reduce and prevent hunger by providing food-based nutrition assistance program benefits.

Objective 4.2: Promote Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Behaviors - representing the work of FNS, along  with its sister agency, the  Center for  Nutrition Policy  and Promotion (CNPP), to support and encourage healthful diets  through state- of-the art, science-based nutrition  guidance and information, and strong nutrient standards and nutrition education.

USDA's strategic plan provides an organizing structure for a corporate priority-setting process that promotes focused and effective management of scarce administrative resources.