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Thank you for your interest in helping to end childhood hunger. Each individual's contribution, whether time or money, goes a long way. There are many ways you can help, depending on your interests and availability.

These are things you can start working on right away:

  • Volunteer and help recruit volunteers at your chosen anti-hunger organization. There are many programs, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) screening and application assistance centers, Summer Food Service Program sites, food banks, and other anti-hunger organizations, that can use your help to make sure that all eligible people have access to nutrition assistance and anti hunger programs. To find opportunities in your community, visit To find volunteer opportunities with local food banks, click here.

  • Donate money to anti-hunger causes. Every dollar helps keep anti-hunger organizations working to end childhood hunger in the United States.

  • Use your professional skills in a volunteer capacity. Think about what you do every day for work. Your skills may be of use to a nonprofit organization. If you are a teacher, consider volunteering to provide educational activities at a summer food site -- think fun science experiments and brain teasers. If you are a writer, consider volunteering to write content for a Web site, letters to the editor about your favorite anti-hunger organization, help with press releases, or tell the personal stories of others who have struggled with hunger. The options are limitless and the experience of donating your time and skills will be rewarding.

  • Organize a food drive. If you want to collect food to donate to local organizations, it is important that you work with your local food bank. Find a local food bank to find out more about organizing a food drive.

Last Modified:04/26/2012