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If you already donate to cause-orientated organizations or work for a private or public foundation, you know that even the smallest gift goes a long way toward the final goal. If we view the effort to end childhood hunger as a puzzle, then each person can contribute a piece. The more people who give time, talent, or money, the faster we can end childhood hunger—and the better our efforts will be. As with a puzzle or quilt, each piece is different—just like each person's gift is different. Your ability to give a financial contribution will help organizations working to end childhood hunger capitalize on matching opportunities, promote opportunities, and recruit more volunteers and donors, create new programs, and much more.

These are things you can start working on right away:

  • Provide funding for your States' Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) outreach plan. States are reimbursed by the Federal Government for up to half of the costs of outreach. Because State budgets are tight, States often need partners to help with their share of the costs to conduct outreach at the local level. Learn more about the benefits of this arrangement.

  • Focus corporate giving on initiatives that support feeding the hungry and improving nutrition. For example, after school and summer food service program sites are able to attract more children to their meal services when they are able to provide fun and interesting activities for children while they are there. It can be difficult for sites and sponsors of the programs to afford the costs of these activities, so funders can help by paying for these program enhancements.

  • Use corporate assets to support the infrastructure used to alleviate hunger. Provide physical space for showcasing information on hunger programs, screening of possible food aid recipients, and/or application assistance by non-profit or government workers. Use refrigerated trucks to transport food from food banks to pantries and soup kitchens. Donate land to use for community gardens or school gardens.

  • Push out messaging and education to customers and employees. Push out messaging and education to customers and employees. Air Public Service Announcements related to childhood hunger and nutrition on intercoms and on televisions in stores. Distribute Food and Nutrition Service program and nutrition education materials in retail stores and to employees. Order and download free outreach materials.

  • Find additional opportunities and ideas for how your organization can support anti-hunger efforts.

Last Modified:04/26/2012