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Make a Commitment

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Communities of Faith- and Community-Based Organizations

You have already dedicated your time to helping those in need with your advocacy and volunteer work. You have the compassion, commitment, and skills to make a difference. Imagine if you channeled all of your attention to one important issue—ending childhood hunger. Join us and make ending childhood hunger your organization's target issue.

These are things you can start working on right away:

  • Conduct outreach for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), school meals, Food Distribution on Indian Reservations, and The Emergency Food Assistance Program and cross-promote Federal nutrition assistance programs. Talk about nutrition assistance programs in your services and meetings. Many people are not aware of the multitude of programs available to individuals and families in need. Those who participate in one Federal nutrition program may not be aware that they are eligible for additional assistance. USDA provides many free resources—especially for SNAP outreach. See the SNAP outreach page for outreach toolkits, outreach materials, information about receiving reimbursement for outreach activities through your State, radio ads, public service announcements, and more.

  • Become a sponsoring organization for afterschool and summer sites. One reason for low participation rates in the afterschool and summer meal program is the lack of accessible locations. Becoming a sponsoring organization that recruits and oversees the meal service in more sites would increase the access to the programs in your community. Contact your State agency to become a sponsor or a feeding site.

  • Use FNS’ “52 Nutrition Messages” in your community and church bulletins. The 52 nutrition messages include healthy eating tips and information about nutrition and anti-hunger programs in a format for organizations to cut and paste into newsletters and email listserv messages. Click here to review the 52 Nutrition Messages.

  • Encourage your networks and congregations to volunteer to end hunger in your community. Volunteers can conduct SNAP prescreening and application assistance, provide activities and supervise children at SFSP sites, and spend time helping at local food banks. Find opportunities to volunteer and list your organization's volunteer opportunities at

  • Make sure your services are accessible. If you already provide services that help to fight hunger, list your organization with the National Hunger Clearinghouse. The National Hunger Clearinghouse is funded by USDA and managed by World Hunger Year and collects and distributes information about community-based resources and government programs that address the immediate and long-term needs of struggling families and individuals. People can call the National Hunger Hotline (1-866-3-HUNGRY or 1-866-348-6479) to find help.

  • Increase accessibility of farmers' markets. Your organization could help make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible to under-served communities by hosting a farmers' market and encouraging local farmers' markets to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. To find out about how to start a farmers' market, click here. Find out more about accepting SNAP benefits at farmers markets.

  • Partner with a local food bank and host a food pantry. Find food banks in your area.

Last Modified:04/26/2012