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EBT Equipment and Manual Vouchers

Last Published: 01/13/2014
  • Free Point-of-Sale EBT only devices - Markets that conduct $100 or more in SNAP business per month are eligible to receive a free POS device that can process solely EBT transactions. To receive and use such devices, markets must have a central location, with electricity and a phone line, where the device can be placed and operated.  
  • Wireless Credit/Debit POS devices - A farmers’ market may choose to purchase or lease wireless point-of-sale (POS) equipment that accepts debit and/or credit cards, in addition to EBT cards. In some cases, State or Federal funds may be available to help farmers’ markets acquire such equipment. Please check with your State EBT office to determine the availability of such funds.  
  • Manual Vouchers – In cases where a farmers’ market is unable to operate a POS device on site, the market may use manual vouchers. To use manual vouchers, market staff must call the State’s EBT processor to check if funds are available in a customer's EBT account and, if so, place a hold on the purchase amount. The customer must then sign a voucher for the purchase amount, which the market must mail to the EBT processor. The EBT processor will then pay the market, via direct deposit (usually within two business days). If the market is eligible for a free POS device, the market can keep the device at an off-site location and clear all the manual vouchers through the device at the end of the day, instead of mailing them.
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