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Making Smart Choices

Quick and Easy Ways to Start

Get started on a healthier lifestyle with these ideas!

No time for breakfast?

  • Grab an apple, an orange or any other fruit as you head out the door.

  • Pack baby carrots, nuts, or dried fruit for a snack.

  • Take whole wheat crackers, lean meats and low-fat milk along with you.

  • Try taking leftovers and eating on the way.

  • Munch on veggies, pretzels, or popcorn.

Mom with children at the grocery store

At a fast food restaurant?
  • Try a grilled chicken sandwich and a side salad.

  • Split an order of fries.

  • Leave off the mayonnaise, sauce and spreads when ordering a sandwich.

  • Share a rich dessert with a friend.

Want to cut fat in meals?

  • Use a cooking spray instead of oil to sauté foods.

  • Trim visible fat from meat and remove skin from poultry, too.

  • Instead of cheese and heavy salad dressings, add fiber-rich beans and peas to your salad meals. Canned chick peas or other beans are a delicious addition to a salad.

Woman making dinner

Need to get moving?

  • Work off a big lunch by taking a bike ride or a walk with your kids after work.

  • Instead of socializing with friends by watching videos or dining, plan to go walking, biking or dancing.

  • Aim for the farthest parking spot, not the closest, so you can get in extra walking.

  • Walk the sidelines or stroll around the field instead of lounging in the stands while the kids play soccer or softball.

  • Run up and down the stairs with each load of laundry, get up and change the channel, and walk to your co-worker’s office instead of calling.

  • Join a step aerobics, kick-boxing or body toning class. Check your local park district, recreation center, or health club to find the best option for your budget and skill level.

Family gardening

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