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Making Smart Choices

Power of Planning

One of the biggest secrets to healthy lifestyle success is to plan ahead. With these simple tips you’ll save time and cut down on the meal preparation stress in your daily life.

  • Keep meals simple! Foods that keep your family healthy can be fast and easy to prepare. See the Make it Quick and Easy section for great recipes and menus. Unless it’s a special occasion, keep cooking simple and involve kids or other family members.

Two women looking at a gallon of milk
  • Cook several main dishes when you have more time-like on weekends. Make soups, stews, or casseroles to freeze for the next week. Cook extra food as “plan-overs” for later use.

  • Do some tasks ahead. Washing and trimming vegetables, cooking noodles for a pasta salad or lean ground meat for tacos a few hours, or the day before, can save you lots of time during busy weekday evenings.

  • Plan activities for all family members to enjoy 2-3 times a month. For example, go on a family bike ride, plant a family garden, or pack a picnic meal to eat at the park and afterward go on a family hike.

Mom with children at the grocery store
  • Plan (with your kids) fun activities for the whole family. Make a regular date to walk with friends and neighbors or join a community activity group, like aerobics, softball or body toning.

  • Set realistic healthy eating and physical activity goals and write them down on the Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Tracking Card.

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