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Week 1 Sample menus for a 2000 calorie food pattern

We have prepared a sample menu for a week for a 2000 calorie diet containing the recipes found in the Smart Start Recipes section. The nutritional analysis has also been provided. Use it as a guide to make changes in your eating habits or to plan your own menus with the Menu Planner found in the Tools to Help You section. Averaged over a week, these menus provide all of the recommended amounts of food from each food group.



1 cup Bran flake cereal with
1 cup    Low-fat milk
1 small      Banana
1 slice   Whole wheat toast
1 tsp    Jelly
1 cup   Grapefruit juice


1 cup Potato Soup
1 oz   Wheat crackers
6   Baby carrots
1/2 cup Low-fat milk


3 oz   Beef Pot Roast
1 cup   Egg noodles with
1/2 tsp      Margarine
1 cup Green beans
1 medium Apple
1/2 cup   Rice Pudding
1 cup Low-fat Milk


3 cups   Plain popcorn
1 cup   Lemonade

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