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Staying with the Lifestyle

Be Realistic: When it comes to making healthy changes in your life, the road to success is paved with small changes made one step at a time. But the payoffs are huge! Forming healthy habits now will help you look and feel better and keep you running strong for years to come. Remember, small steps add up to long-lasting results.

Day in and Day Out: When it comes to a smooth-running body, itís what you do over time that counts. Every healthy body gets overfed or becomes idle now and then. Donít fret! Just balance out these times by eating less or being more physically active for a while. No need to worry about just one meal or one day.

Family activity, dad and two kids playing Frisbee
Family picnic, two children with mother and grandmother

Enjoy the Taste: A healthy eating plan can include all the foods you like. After all, food is more than just fuel Ė itís one of lifeís greatest pleasures! Hereís the secret: just donít overfill your body with any one food.