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SNAP-Ed Recipe Finder - Healthy and Low Cost Meals Are Just a Click Away!

Last Published: 06/05/2014
Sara Stewart

Rising food prices are making it increasingly difficult for families to prepare cost-friendly meals. SNAP-Ed Connection provides tools and resources to health educators that help dispel the myth that healthy eating is expensive and unattainable for those with little or no income.

If you're tired of searching for or creating new recipes to suit your target audience needs, check out the recipe finder, an online tool that allows you to quickly locate pre-analyzed and budget-friendly recipes that may support your Nutrition Education goals or lesson plans.

The recipe database contains over 600 healthy takes on kid-friendly treats such as Baked Chicken Nuggets and Chocolate Chip Yogurt Cookies, as well as recipes for the more sophisticated palate, including Mediterranean Roasted Eggplant and Peanutty African Stew. Most recipes were written by SNAP educators and nutritionists, however all users are encouraged to submit delicious and healthy recipes of their own.

The recipe finder is a great resource for discovering creative ways to use leftovers, and for finding low-cost proteins, one-pot meals, and dishes that use a limited number of commonly-found ingredients. Recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less may provide busy moms and dads motivation to "eat-in" instead of grabbing food on the run; possibly saving time, money, and increasing the nutrient quality of the diet.

In addition to a full nutritional breakdown, each recipe includes an estimated total cost and cost per serving so that SNAP-eligible participants can budget wisely and prepare inexpensive meals. The cost of the recipes may be used to discuss food budgeting skills as a supplement to an existing lesson plan.

Recipes are also categorized by cuisine and can be printed or stored in a recipe file for later reference. Shopping lists that include all recipe ingredients are automatically generated when a user selects a recipe to prepare.

In addition to the SNAP-Ed recipe database, health educators can find more ideas how to stretch food dollars here: