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How to Play Summer Food PSAs on Your Local Radio Station

Last Published: 06/21/2013
Jimmy Nguyen

Most kids cannot wait for school to let out in June. However, for some parents, when school is out for summer, they have to worry about where their kids will get breakfast or lunch. USDA's Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) fills this summer meal gap for many low-income families. Local organizations all over the country participate in the SFSP and serve meals at schools, recreation centers, playgrounds, parks, churches, day camps, summer camps, housing projects, and Indian reservations.

Now you can advertise the summer food sites in your community by using our free Radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs). It's never too soon or late to start advertising summer meals. We have provided four PSAs to choose from and each of them are under 30 seconds. Two of the PSAs focus on recruiting summer meal sponsors and volunteers and the other two PSAs focus on letting families know where they can go to receive summer meals. Please download and then give one or all of the Summer Food PSAs to your local radio station to play for free.

Play the Summer Food PSAs on your local radio station

Click here to download the PSA transcripts(Some radio stations will have their DJs read the PSAs). Now you may be asking, "How can I get my local radio station to play a PSA?" Well, here are some instructions that you can follow:

  • PSAs to recruit sponsors and volunteers to serve summer meals - #1 / #2
  • PSAs to tell families where they can get free summer meals - #3/#4
  • Look up radio stations in your area by going to
  • Pick some stations that you always listen to and contact their public affairs director or station.
  • Some stations post details about PSA submissions on their websites. However, if they don't, you can ask the station's public affairs staff the following questions:
    • How should I submit a PSA - via e-mail or regular mail?
    • What format should it be in?
    • Do you require the transcript?
    • Will one of your DJs read the PSA or will you just play the recording?
    • When will the PSA be aired and for how long?

Follow the radio station's instructions. If all goes well, sit back, relax, and listen for the Summer Food PSA to be played.