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Beyonce Does Dance Video with Students for "Let's Move" Initiative

Last Published: 06/20/2013

Beyonce has joined First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative by creating a dance video with students that will definitely get other students up and moving. The dance video and song is titled, "Move Your Body" and is a remix to her popular song, "Get Me Bodied." The video is done in a flash dance mob style with students coming together in a school cafeteria to join Beyonce in a dance that gets kids to jump up and down, snap their fingers, do the "running man," and sends the important message, "A little sweat aint never hurt nobody."

The dance video has become a huge hit racking up over 3 million views in a short amount of time. Recently, on May 3, Michelle Obama joined students at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, D.C. to perform the dance as part of a flash workout organized by the National Association of Broadcasters and in which over 600 schools nationwide participated. Check out the video below and get moving!

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