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CN Labeling

Frequently Asked Questions: Copying Federally Inspected Product Labels for Bidding Process

Last Published: 09/02/2015

Manufacturers are not authorized, under any circumstances, to place the CN Logo and contribution statement on fact sheets or any other product information. Manufacturers are only authorized to use and distribute the CN Label on actual product manufactured following a USDA/USDC - Approved Quality Control Program. However, there is a way for manufacturers to provide the CN Labeling Program information required by bid specifications; but first, it is important to note the following:

  • The CN Label is an integral part of the product label which includes: CN Logo/contribution statement, product name, ingredient declaration, and inspection legend from the actual product carton.

    The CN Label from the product carton serves as proof of purchase and is intended for documenting meal requirements.

  • Product labels with the CN Logo and contribution statement are not associated with the FNS warranty against audit claims when they are not from the actual purchased product carton.
  • The FSIS Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book prohibits the use of USDA inspection legends on devises or literature other than the product label; devises or literature can have pictures of a product that has the inspection legend on it.

In order to provide the required CN Labeling Program information often requested and/or required on bid specifications, manufacturers can do the following before attaching the product label to the bid:

  • Print the product label copy with a visible marking sometimes referred to as a watermark that states “Copy not for documenting Federal Meal Requirements" and
  • Remove/redact the Federal Inspection Legend.

Any circumstance that involves distribution of the product label without the product, requires the manufacturer to add the watermark and remove or redact the inspection legend from the product label.