CN Labeling

Food Manufacturers/Industry

Last Modified: 02/20/2014

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CN Labeling Policies and Procedures

Quality Control (QC) Requirements

Monitoring QC Compliance

SOPs for Verification Service for CN Products (10/1/13)

AMS/NMFS Plant Monitoring Review Checklist (10/1/13)  

CN Label Reviews: Transition from FNS to AMS

Transfer of CN Label Review Function from FNS to AMS

FNS/AMS PowerPoint Presentation: Providing Standardized Food Crediting Statements on Product Labels (11/30/09)

Service Agreement with AMS Specialty Crops Inspection Division

Notice to the Trade: Fee for Child Nutrition Labeling Review and Approvals AMS Billing Account for CN Labeling

Program Manuals

Helpful Links

Tips for Submitting CN Labels

Manufacturer's Product Formulation Statement (PFS)