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How to Get Food Help

How to Get Food Help Cover

How to Get Food Help Sample Guide

How To Get Food Help is a low literacy, clear language brochure targeted at consumers who may be new to navigating social services and assistance applications. 

The brochure clearly explains all FNS programs that consumers apply to directly, and it gives them basic information to identify which programs might be right for them.  It also gives basic next steps to get them started in the application process, as well as links and toll-free numbers for more information.  How To Get Food Help will be a useful tool to add to your outreach strategy.

How To Get Food Help is organized and color coded by groups of people, such as seniors (60+), school-age children, and pregnant and nursing women.  This allows consumers to self-identify which programs they may be eligible for.  The brochure also covers common questions about whether or not consumers may receive benefits from multiple FNS programs or if they automatically qualify for a program if they already receive benefits from another program.

Here are some tips on how to use How To Get Food Help in your outreach activities:

Hand out copies at any outreach or information events you have.
Include copies in bags of food that are distributed.
Talk through the brochure and help clients identify which group they best fit in.
Use the brochure as a template to present FNS programs in your outreach presentations.  Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation featuring the content from How To Get Food Help.
Use the brochure and PPT presentation to train your employees and outreach volunteers about FNS programs.
Use the brochure to discuss outreach partnership and funding opportunities with your supporters.
Create your own outreach strategies using the brochure, and let us know how they work by submitting a promising practice here.

How To Get Food Help brochure in English and Spanish.  To order printed copies of How To Get Food Help for free, visit:


Last modified: 02/16/2012