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FNS Handbook 901 - Advance Planning Documents

Last Published: 11/05/2015

The primary objective of this Handbook is to ensure successful approval and subsequent Federal funding of projects supporting FNS programs to modernize benefit delivery.

FNS programs include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). The key component to obtain approval and funding is the Advance Planning Document (APD). This Handbook also emphasizes the coordination within FNS, State agencies, Regional Offices, and Headquarters stakeholders. Communication and coordination between FNS automation, financial, and program entities is necessary for the successful oversight and management of these system automation projects.

FNS Handbook 901 - Advance Planning Documents  - a printable, searchable version of the full document

FNS Handbook 901 -  by chapters

Table of Contents
1.0  Introduction
       Key Stakeholders in the APD Process
       Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
       Supplemental Food Programs for WIC
2.0  The APD Process
       Advance Planning Documents
       PAPD Process
       IAPD Process
       APDU Process
       Emergency Acquisition Request Process
       APD Closure
       RFP Process
       Key Stakeholder Responsibilities
       FNS Review
       On-Site Reviews and Monitoring
3.0  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
       Program Funding
       APD Process for FSP Certification and Eligibility Systems
       APD Process for FSP EBT
4.0  Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
       APD Process for WIC Information Systems
       APD Process for WIC EBT
5.0  Project Management
       Roles and Responsibilities
       SDLC Methodologies
       Work Breakdown Structure
       QA and IV&V
       Monitoring and Oversight
       Project Closeout
6.0  Procurement
       Regulations and Policies
       The Acquisition Process
       Types and Roles of Contractors
       Contractor Support Options during the SDLC
       Awarding Contracts
       Types of Contracts
       Contract Components and Requirements
       Conflict of Interest
       Contract Closeout
7.0  Financial Management
       Federal Cost Principles
       Common Cost Items
       Cost Allocation
       Cost Reviews and Audits
       Expenditure Reporting
8.0  Systems Security
       Security Reviews
       Security Controls
       Management Controls
       Technical Controls
       EBT-Specific Controls
       Security Plans

Exhibit 1 - FNS Regional Offices
Appendix A - Acronym List
Appendix B - Glossary
Appendix C - Regulations
Appendix D
        Feasibility Study Checklist
        Cost-Benefit Analysis Checklist
        RFP Review Checklist
        SNAP Pre- Post-Implementation Review Checklist
        WIC MIS Integrity Review Checklist
        Status Report Checklist
        State Sole Source Exception Request Template
        State Sample Transmittal Letter Template
        State Sample Transmittal Letter - RFP
        Sample PAPD Budget
        Sample IAPDU Budget
        Steps for a Thorough Successful Feasibility Study
Appendix E - Sample Status Report
Appendix F - Federal Procurement Clauses
Appendix G - Getting Ready for WIC EBT
Appendix H - Security Plan Checklist
Appendix I - System Acquisition Tool