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APD Document Checklists

Last Published: 07/22/2016

The checklists below provide guidance for preparing and reviewing APDs and related documents.  See the APD Handbook, FNS Handbook 901, or the related regulation or requirement for a detailed explanation of the particular item or contact your cognizant FNS Regional Office.

General Checklists

  • APD Document Checklist - a list of documentation or data normally included in the submission of the following documents:
    - PAPD
    - IAPD
    - Annual APDU Checklist
    - APDU As Needed
    - M&O IAPD
  • RFP Checklist - a table of common items found in an RFP as well as FNS requirements.
  • Contract Provisions Checklist - a table of commonly found as well as required terms, conditions, and clauses.
  • Common Contract Clauses - links to provide guidance and examples to contract clauses required in most government contracts.

SNAP Checklists

WIC Checklists

The following samples and prototypes offer assistance in developing WIC budgets and funding documents.

Please note that the samples do not address cost allocation.  The CAM Toolkit must be used for WIC projects requiring cost allocation.