How to Apply

Applications for SNAP benefits are handled by State or county offices. To apply for SNAP, you must fill out an application form and return it to your local SNAP office. You must also be interviewed by a SNAP worker. Follow the steps below to learn more about SNAP and how to apply.

  1. Get an Application

    Each State has a different application form. You can pick one up at the local SNAP office, have one mailed to you, or apply online in some States. Call your local office, State hotline or national toll-free number at 1-800-221-5689 to find out how to apply.

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  2. Find Your Local SNAP Office

    At your local SNAP office, you can pick up and return an application form, as well as meet with a SNAP worker. To find your local office, look in the phone book in the government pages under "social services" or "human services" or click below to choose your state.

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  3. Prepare for an Interview

    Once you have filed an application for SNAP benefits, get scheduled for an interview. You’ll be interviewed by a SNAP worker who will review your application and verify your information. Find out what type of papers you might need to bring with you to the interview.

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