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Human Pandemic

Human Pandemic PlanningResponding to a public health emergency such
as a human pandemic will require States and communities to work together to plan for and
respond to a human pandemic in order to slow
the spread of the infection by keeping people
from gathering in groups, including keeping children home from school and childcare. FNS nutrition assistance
programs have a role in responding to nutrition assistance needs
during a human pandemic influenza. Flexibilities already exist in
some of the nutrition assistance programs that could support
social distancing measures during a human pandemic such as
alternatives to schools meals, mailing or electronic transmission
of benefits. Find out more about specific program flexibilities:


Child Nutrition Programs
-- Pandemic Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (P-SNAP) Benefits for Children Certified as Eligible to Receive Free and Reduced Priced School Lunch During School Closures  
-- Responding to School Closings for H1N1 Outbreaks
-- School Closings for H1N1 Outbreaks: Q&As
-- School Dismissals for H1N1 Outbreaks: Q&As II 
-- Meeting Food Needs during a Pandemic Flu Outbreak
-- Joint USDA/Education letter to schools
-- Sample Addendum to State Agency Agreement with School Food Authority/Community Organization
-- Prototype Waiver Request for School Dismissal Due to H1N1 Outbreaks


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
-- Pandemic SNAP for School Lunches Q&As
-- Updated SNAP Pandemic Influenza Planning Information 
-- Guidance on Pandemic Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (P-SNAP) Benefits for Children Certified Eligible to Receive Free and Reduced Price School Lunches During School Closures 


Food Distribution Program
-- FY 2010 Appropriations for Human Pandemic Emergencies 
-- Continuation of USDA Food Assistance During a Human Pandemic (Revised)
-- Using USDA Food During an H1N1 Flu Outbreak Options for Schools and Communities


Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
-- WIC Policy Memorandum 2007: WIC Program Response to a Human Pandemic 
-- WIC Policy Memorandum 2003-4: Allowable Costs of Bioterrorism Preparedness (referenced in above document)
-- WIC Program Questions and Answers on H1N1 Influenza

Last modified: 08/28/2013

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